Need advice or suggestions on driving a Smart in one day from PA to FL. Any long distance driving tips are appreciated and welcomed. 

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Good luck - Florida is a looooong state.  Nothing out of the ordinary driving the smart compared to any other car. Pack some snacks, have plenty of music and hit the Interstate!

Cruise control and XM radio are invaluable on a long trip!

Make sure your oil and filters are fresh.  Buy a new set of tires, or have tires in very very good to excellent condition (you want reliability here).  Check your battery condition before you leave.  Inspect hoses and belts about a week or two before you go.  Check the tire air pressure the night before you leave, and check the oil level the night before you leave as well. 

Pack a mini-cooler with a few drinks, waters, and some snacks to save you some expense of buying them at gas stations in the middle of nowhere.  You might want to consider alerting your banks/credit card company security departments the states you will be traveling through so you don't have an untimely security fraud protection/overprotective incident, if you believe that will be necessary. 

Charge your camera and cellphone(s) and be sure you have your chargers in the car the night before you head out of town.  Preparation the night before makes for an easier trip.

This is some real good advise from Kamaal.

Oh --- the other thing.  Get some good sleep, as much as you can the night before you head out!  That's why it's best to get everything done the afternoon/evening before your road trip so you can get a good night's rest. You'll be more relaxed and focused on your long trip, will require less coffee/energy drinks if any at all, and probably be more productive during your driving due to less stopping for breaks.

I drove from Boulder, CO to Winterpark, CO (only a couple of hours but in the Rocky Mountains).  It was great!

A bunch of people will be heading to Denver from all over the country for the smart Nationals in July - the smart is one of the best long distance cars out there IMHO.

I concur, wholeheartedly.

I had an amusing occurrence shortly after purchasing my new 2011 Pure.  My DW, Ann, was not consulted before the purchase, and it was a rather  unpleasant surprise to her -- the standard "is it safe?" instinctive reaction of the unknowlegeable.  (I have a reputation with her for changing my cars, always to her surprise, more often than my socks.) :)

After I explained about the safety features of Munchkin, and the demonstrated safety of smarts, she rather reluctantly said, "Well, maybe just around town, but not on the highway."

Within 3 months she had turned around 180 degrees, and now much prefers cruising on the highways over driving around town, which, here in this part of Texas, seems to be populated mainly by dually pick-em-ups, requiring defensive driving 24/7 by little Munchkin, which is already locked and loaded and ready for the trip to the Nationals.. 

Hit the road and enjoy.

jwight said:

A bunch of people will be heading to Denver from all over the country for the smart Nationals in July - the smart is one of the best long distance cars out there IMHO.

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