A customer has dropped of a 1998 450 coupe. according to the VIN number it is one of the first 450 in the world. We have had the car for about 6 months. 

Before we got the car it was not running and had been through a number of different shops none of them were able to get the car to run. 


When we just got the car it was not running.

After doing a little work on this guy we proud to say it runs:cool:

Update 3/17

When we received the car:

      The ECU was fried

      The SAM was fried

      All the keys were lost.

So far we have:

      Re keyed the car

      Installed and programed a new ECU

      Installed and programmed a New SAM unit

      Replaced the wiring harness for the car

      Reprogrammed and resynced the car with the new keys


      We will be working on the transmission 

stay tuned as we do a work on their car and I hope to have a video posted soon

Madness Mike


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updated the op

Park the darn thing in a barn...In 20 years it will be worth at least 10 times what you have invested in it...You have a collector car...   LOL

It's getting some TLC from SMARTMADNESS. We're looking forward to all the progress.

Any updates on this car?

Not as of today we are still working on getting the transmission running. We put the dash together. I'll try to take pictures later today and post them up. 

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