I am having trouble resetting the Maintenance Service Interval Display..Mine shows 1 blinking wrench..I changed the motor oil and filter and want to reset it..The Operator's Manual tells you how to do it, but it does not work for me..Any suggestions?

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Are these the same for the 2008 & 2009 or is the 09 different?
The posted image worked for me on my 2009
I worked the timing of pressing the left button and also switching ignition within a certain time. I believe procedure has to be accomplished within two seconds between
switching ignition, pressing button twice switching ignition off, pressing button and holding, switching ignition on keep holding until display changes to reset to 10,000 and not to 0.
If you still have trouble re-setting the service indicator try this.

1) While engine is running tap the left instrument button twice. This brings up the wrench indicator.
2) Turn key to off position and wait for engine to stop running. (but not the instrument cluster going dark)
3) PRESS & HOLD DOWN left left instrument button and turn key to position 1. Keep holding down button until you see the display switch to maintenance number (10 000, 20 000, 30 000, etc..). and then resets. You should see a double wrench for a short second or two along with the service interval you are resetting then the display will revert back to mileage.

Worked for me after about 15 tries from the "other" instructions! Now I'm a smiling smart again.

Jon .. are you still available to help with a reset....it is driving me nuts ...

smart center Latham said:

If you want to contact me directly I will walk you through it on the phone so it does not frustrate you to the point of pulling your hair out. Jon Monroe Brand Mgr 518-785-4197 ext 501.

@rallyredy2kx. If you're having problems resetting the service indicator, take a look at our FAQs section. It has some tips that may help: http://www.smartusainsider.com/faq#faq01

Will do .... hope it helps ....
sUSAi Admin said:

@rallyredy2kx. If you're having problems resetting the service indicator, take a look at our FAQs section. It has some tips that may help: http://www.smartusainsider.com/faq#faq01

I just went through this myself!! I think I held down the reset button, turned the key on, pushed it on and off a couple times turned the key and kept pushing the black button in as the car ran. I tried doing as the manual said but that didn't work (we have an 08) so I just played with it . Good luck, I did get it to go off by doing almost what it said to do, just tweeked it!

Insn't this a bit of crazy. A bunch of grown adults trying to follow directions to reset the  Maintenance Service Indicator on our smarts. There must me a service technican (is this politically correct now?) out there who does this for a living. One of you guys please give us some info that will work the first time. I think part of the problem is one wrench - two wrenches and 08,09,10,11, etc. I have a 2010 showing two wrenches and would really appreciate some info that will work?  Thanks all and God Bless, Dave

PS I think I have the record....I show 89 days.

I believe the 2 wrenches means u need to have it serviced for something other than oil Dave. And I KNOW huh!!??  It drove my fiance mad I tell ya!!  P.S. Smarts, shows how SMART we are!!

It is just 2 years old ....probably 2 year rip off .. opps, I mean check up.  Thanks

We love our little car! Got it cause when we go camping, it fits in the trailer with our bikes perfectly! So if it rains we're not stuck! Didn't know when we got it though that oil had to come from Mercedes!! Oh well! Ya can't take it with ya!!:)

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