MB needs to seriously re-think its relationship with smart

MB/smart USA is out of touch with smart owners.

MB of Seattle / smart center Seattle: $182 got me a Battery Charger update and a Shifter Unit update. Why is there a charge for a s/w update? Seems to me that MB/smart didn't get it right the first time around so an update should be free. Even Microsoft recognizes this. Imagine the uproar if MS or any other S/W company charged for a S/W update.

All told, my wife's 20K service and s/w updates came to $792 and that's only because I refused the $120 cabin filter. (a filter I can buy for $12 and install myself). $630 labor, $92 parts, $69 tax. This is for an oil change, an air filter change and a brake fluid change. I've owned more cars than I can remember now but I've never owned one that needed a brake fluid change.

I took the car in because I thought it might need s/w updates. Something the former sc Seattle would have done gratis.

Phil Smart MB / smart had a different perspective on this and they've  seen the last of my hard-earned dollars.

I did get a bird's eye view into the ultra-rich, money's no object MB clientele during my time there. Wow is all I can say.

smart and MB should never be collocated, conjugated or co-anything'ed ... ever.

Does corporate MB even have a policy on this?

While many have excoriated the Penske Auto Group on many levels, few could quibble with their consumer focused support of their customers. They held the line on profit-takers when the car was introduced. They couldn't do anything about those dealers in states that allowed/encouraged $500+ doc fees but that was beyond their control.

In my 70+ years on this planet and 50+ years of buying cars, motorcycles, RVs and ORVs, I can unequivocally state that my buying and post-buying experiences have never been better than with the original sc Seattle.

Thank you Ethan and BJ

No thanks to Phil Smart in Seattle.



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Any time, Donna. :)

MB does over charge for their parts and labor for all I have seen. I have been given a price list and shown and older one as well their prices go up. They charge $88.00 and hour for labor and over charge for parts. I asked if we bring own parts to the dealership will they do it (was just wondering) the answer was no. They make a profit for every part they sell. I also asked the cost of a spare tire and rim got a quote of over $225.00 which does not include putting the tire on the rim. Would have to pull the price out of my backpack to get the cost perfect but it was about that if not more. A friend said u can get it cheaper at any other place.

My view smart car is smaller with a lower price they should adjust the repair cost to the car. Some cars take longer to do something yet we all pay the same cost.

We really only need the dealerships for software updates and clutch adjustments. Nothing else about the car is beyond the ability of the average garage mechanic. If I understand correctly, the oil filter and the spark plugs are difficult to get? I think the answer, for me at least, is to learn how to do those clutch adjustments before my 60k. I've got a little time.

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