I was MB jacksonville getting my smart cleaned just sitting there chatting with a very upset mb customer.

Now I have been told many times that MB is unfair to smarts but they are also unfair to mb customers as well.

A young couple who owns a mb sl 2007 went threw a nightmare thursday night.

As stated bye them.

My wife and I and our dog was going out of town for the weekend when at 2am this morning our car stopped i pushed the car off the road and called mb towning when 35 min later they sent a junk of  tow truck to tow my car which was the wrong one would of damaged my car (know this I told them the make and year of my car and that it was a sl). It is also down pouring heavy rain.

That tow  truck left now 45 min later another one came also wrong style of tow truck for my car. He left now 1 hour later another came and it was correct but a junk my wife had to sit on my lap and our dog on the floor.

My wife pulled out her laptop and reported this to the higher ups. (his words)

I felt real bad for them. They were saying sorry all over the place to the couple, but this did not change what they went threw.  Beware if u need a tow truck in the future it does not look to me it is as good as they told us when we got our cars.

When I left the dealership they came out to see my smart and loved it. But their issues were not resolved when I left.

So it looks like even mb owners have problems at the dealership not with just the cost but also the treatment they get. I think MB needs to do something to solve these issues service after the sale is important.

When I drove out of there I thought to myself if I ever need a tow I pray I will not go threw the nightmare this young couple has.

Be it smart or mb all people need to be treated with respect and mb needs to keep the promise and send out the correct tow truck and enough seating so all can be comfy.

I am sure bye now mb has gotten their car working and they are safe. But when I left the couple was pouring their heart out to my son and myself they needed someone to talk to and I was their for them.

I would of filmed it but did not know if it would be ok to put here where they do not own a smart.

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Are you sure this was an SLS?  It wasn't released until 2010.  Perhaps it was an SL or an SLR... 

might of been an SL but it does not matter the model what matters is what happened to this person. He was so upset he might of said it wrong or I might not have remembered the model wrong. If I had brought my camera I would of filmed it. Am starting to think I need to bring it with me at all times might of been able to help him more that way. Might of given him comfort, but I am sure it was taken care of bye now. I felt so sorry for him.

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