May all Smart insiders have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Be safe on the roads with all those other drivers. They're not very smart you know!:)

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Thank you for the Holiday Wishes and the same to you.
You're welcome very much! Have a great holiday season with friends and family and enjoy some time off.

Robert Ricewasser said:
Thank you for the Holiday Wishes and the same to you.
Randy, a Merry Christmas to you too ...

Thanks.... and same to you, too. Bit of a rough freakin December this is. someone hits my car the same day the car payment is due..... a week before my birthday and my car insurance is due.... a day or two after i see a shooting star...... two weeks before christmas..... now today, christmas eve, someone broke into my grandmother's house and stole her TV that she's barely had for half a year, along with who knows what else.
Thank You too, Merry Christmas to all of you and your Smarties, may you get what you wished for....
From Tommy & Jodi
Merry Christmas Randy

Oh my Heck. My son and wife got me one of those wind up keys for the back of my smart. Very very fun and very well made. It's black, made out of aluminum and matches my Red/Black passion and it's one that actually spins around. The install went find and it's a hoot to drive around with. Talk about stares.

This is a xmas gift that makes everyone smile.

Merry christmas to all.

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