mostly positve and friendly reception at the St Pattys Day Parade

we had a mostly positive reception with 12 (maximum allowed) smarts in
the Allentown, PA St. Patty's Day Parade Sunday March 21. The weather was
great and there were thousands of people lining the streets of the
parade route. We decorated the cars with green and some of us tossed
out candy (my wife and I handed out over 25 lbs of of smarties). The
cabrios had the their roofs down and we all drove around 4 mph
two-by-two. In some instances the ovation was absolutely great. People
applauded us with raised hands saying it was good to see people who
were taking the gas and environment seriously. All ages watched from
the youngest child in a stroller to the eldest senior in a wheelchair.
many many thumbs up and lots and lots of smiles.

The rare negative (maybe 10-15%) were the usual comments about unsafe or
it's too small. Our club president at the front in his yellow cabrio
(Smart Alecs Club) would just answer that he was pedalling as fast as he
could. My wife who gets tougher every year, would say back that she
felt very safe with the rollcage and four air bags protecting her. All
of the other typical questions were being asked but what I enjoyed most
were the younger kids saying they wanted one (the candies and the car ). the saving grace
of this planet may be the young ones with any luck since so many of my
generation have turned into the "me first and only" crowd.

It was more up than down and renewed my hopes. I wish we could do more
parades. We'll be doing many car shows and cruises all summer long -
guess I'll need to buy a few more cases of smarties...

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As one of the twelve, it was a fun time and a good trip to and from. A great group of enthusiastic smart owners/drivers/navigators who always make us feel welcome. A great excuse to "get out of town."
Really wish i would have been able to make it... but as i told Bill the night before (i'm the spot he took, as far as i'm aware), my brother's wedding was the day prior to the parade.... and after having been there all day and quite well into the night, didn't feel i'd be in much of a rush to hop out the door, let alone out of bed.

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