I just bought a used 2009 pure. The first thing i did was get an oil change. I have been reading alot of comments on the forums. Do you really need to get brake fluid changed every 10k miles? Do you really need to put premium gas in them? What advise can you give me?

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I would suggest using premium gasoline.  Brake fluid should be changed every two years or at 30k miles.  Only clean, fresh fluid should be used that has not been exposed to the atmosphere.  Keeping the brake fluid reservoir closed will help prevent moisture contamination.  There are also test strips you can purchase at any auto parts store that will allow you to test your brake fluid for moisture contamination.

Mine has less than 20k on the miles. I did use the recommended oil but i didnt know about the premium gas until i downloaded the manual. And i had already filled it up before i left and drove 72 miles home. Since i only drive about 1000 in a year should i worry about the regular maintenance schedule? I live in a very small town and every thing is 5 miles away from my front door.

Again, I would use premium fuel and keep the tank above 1/2 tank full.  I would change your oil once per year and check the brake fluid with the test strips I mentioned and see if it is moisture laden.  If the brake fluid is saturated with moisture, the system should be flushed and replenished with clean brake fluid of the type recommneded by the manufacturer.

A quick note on brake fluid that might be helpful. American-built cars use DOT-3 brake fluid whereas Smart uses DOT-4 brake fluid. My understanding is that one has a higher boiling point than the other (though at the moment I don't recall which one it is). When changing brake fluid on a Smart, go with DOT-4 per the owners manual. Also my Smart center advisor said they don't change brake fluid unless the fluid takes on a milky appearance which probably indicates moisture in the lines.
As for premium fuel, it is recommended for Smart cars. You don't have to use it; it will run on either regular or mid-grade fuels but your gas mileage will suffer. When I bought my 2009 used, it apparently had regular in the tank and it got about 25-30 mpg on the highway. After first (and continuing) premium gas fill ups, my mileage immediately jumped into the 40-47 mpg range. I hope this helps.

i used premium gas the first 6 months, then after that, i've been using 87 octane (the last 3-1/2 years)in the winter i get 40mpgs and 50mpgs in the summer. i noticed no difference in performance or mileage. next saturday is my 4 year anniversary of smart ownership  :)

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