What are your reactions to our new 2012 television commercial?

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Yes!  This is the first of the commercials that, in my opinion, really starts to capture what smart is all about.  Easy to park, economical - certainly, but more than anything the smart is just plain fun to drive.  And kudos to the driver in the commercial - nice to see some air under a wheel at one point.

And when will it be running, in the metro Detroit area all I see are a lot of Fiat airtime.

Haven't seen it on TV yet but I love it!! shows the car is fun to drive and that is a big selling point. 

Great Commercial, shows the Smart is fun to drive & how well it handles. Much better than the "Unclutter" commercial. You also need to INFORM the public about its safety features. Plus how its small on the outside but big on the inside!.

Glad you're enjoying the new commercial. You should expect to see it on TV in the early fall.

I like it.  I've been driving my smart cars like that commercial for years now.  Well, except for when the stunt driver got it up on two wheels.  And, not in parking lots.  Oh, and not breaking any speeding laws.  But I have come close though...

"Supermarket" and "Safety" begin airing tomorrow. You're the first to see these. We're proud of all three spots, but "Safety" will make quite the impact.

The "Safety" commercial is spot on. Amazingly shows the strength of the 'smart shell', visually and fast.  Much better than the old 'Elephant on top' print ad of the past.

The "Grocery" and "Fun to Drive" spots both really show two 'lifestyle features' of owning a smart.

Overall a great improvement over last years ads.

Two caveats, have text at the end to show that smart Centers at located within Mercedes dealers  ("Test drive a smart at a smartCenter in a Mercedes-Benz showroom Today!"). And, the spots are so short that they may be easily missed, will they be shown more often due to the short run time? 


I like them...the vivid colored Smart zipping down the ramp of the parking garage and then there's that big SUV sitting atop the Smart...gets the point across. Now maybe one that shows a coupe of very big people getting in and out to show that the interior is spacious enough.  I always get questions about how big is it in the inside? When I let them sit inside they are amazed!

It's funny, I own a 2008 Passion and a Chevy Suburban. Since reading the IIHS ratings and testing methods for rollovers a couple of years ago, I have used the scenario that my Smart could hold my Suburban on the roof without crushing. Maybe I should get some royalties or something????? :) 

My 16 year old daughter likes the commercials, but always says that her favorite video with the Smart is the one  that shows two big guys walking around the floor of an autoshow and attempting to get into each small car.  They cannot fit into any other small car except for the smart.

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