We wanted a trailer to drag our Smart behind the motor home.  There was a place in Florida but they went out of business.  We found a place that would manufacture one and did it.  Here it is.  This is aluminum, but they will do one using steel (it's cheaper, heavier, and you have to paint it).  They did a GREAT job.  The ramps slide into the side of the trailer, it has trailer brakes, lights, and everything you would need (including the straps).  The business is in Portland (which is close to where we live so we used our truck to get it home).

The business is Eagle Trailer Manufacturing:

Web site: http://www.eagletrailermfg.com/

You can contact them via email.  We had to take our Smart down there so they could make sure that the restraints were placed correctly.  I told them that others might want one so they took measurements and might not need that again. 

If you live in Seattle and don't want to go to Portland, you can probably order it through Torklift Central in Kent, WA. http://www.torkliftcentral.com/.

I'm sure that Eagle has other dealers that order their stuff and if you contact them they might be able to connect you with someone who can proxy it for you.  They do have a delivery guy, but I don't know how far he goes.

Eagle builds quality stuff.  They even put a "bumper" on the front so you know how far you have to go when you load your Smart.  They even called today to see how we did coming home.


PS:  Get the trailer brake, it is required in some states and in Canada.

PPS:  I didn't post the price because those things change.  Contact them with your specs.  It will be more expensive if you go through a proxy as those guys need to make money do and there will be delivery charges.

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