Yesterday, I drove over a screw and apparently ruined the rear tire on my Smart car. My Smart center had the 175 x 55 -R15 tire in stock so I stopped in and had them replace it. The cost was $156.20 for one tire ($115 for the tire, $25 to install + taxes). Does this sound reasonable for a tire of this size? To me, it sounded way high but with no spare tire, I had to make a move quickly as my Smart is my only transportation. Comments? Opinions anyone?

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I was planning to put the larger tires on the front after reading above, and it sounds like that is going to be a pretty expensive deal - having to purchase new wheels too. does not seem to have them.  Is there somewhere else I can look?  I'm really glad to have this info.  The place I went to get tires said the larger ones would fit?!

Check this SCoA thread:

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get larger tires on the front is to fit a pair of stock rear wheels/tires.  You can always go to larger wheels/tires all around but that adds $$$.  Tire Rack should have the stock rear tires available; check on eBay or the SCoA Marketplace for a pair of stock rear wheels.

I decided to go with the tires as-is for now.  Next time, I'll reconsider.  It's too close to Christmas!  I'm obviously not a techie with the car though I did install my own cruise control from Smartie Parts.

Go to and they offer several brands for the smart. I bought the Blizzak snow tires for the rear and the conti's and/or the Kumho for the front. Delivered to my home the next day. Took them to Discount tire and had them mounted and balanced for $30 per pair.

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