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Link worked for me.
I like the metal bumper ideas. This should open up to more designs like the old VW beetles.

Larry Butler said:
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I double checked and the link worked for me as well. Sorry you had trouble.

Carlito said:
Link worked for me.
I like the metal bumper ideas. This should open up to more designs like the old VW beetles.

These are by far the best made and the best looking bumpers you can find for the smart. They are truly beautiful and really solid!

Larry Butler said:
It's working now. I'll be fine as soon as my heart drops out of my throat....(c;]

A thousand bucks for a PIECE OF TRIM? I musta missed something. It's a plastic smart car, not a Maybach limo! Make us another version out of shiny plastic to match the rest of the car. Price each one at $59.95, making $45 on each unit. Please don't make it out of Makrolon, though!

Mr. Butler,

If you are looking for plastic bumper trim we have that available and it priced under $75. Here is the link:

However, you cannot compare the two items.

These bumpers are not for everyone, but those that have chosen to purchase them and install them on their smart have given us very, very positive feedback. The sales of these bumpers have been exceeding our supply since they were first introduced.

Recently the manufacturer agreed to ramp up production and due to this we have been able to reduce the selling price. That is why they are on sale right now. Most folks that have seen them on a smart loved the look and appreciated the great quality.

A couple of weeks ago at a smart event two cars were involved in an accident. One was stock and the other had these bumpers on their smart. The one with these bumpers suffered no reported damage, the other has a wrecked front end and had to be towed away.

Our goal is to offer folks a choice. If you want an inexpensive piece of Plastic Bumper Trim for around $50-60 we have that. Here is the direct link:

If you are looking for mid priced bumpers we have those as well. Here is the link:

If you are looking for the absolute best we offer it as well and this month we are running a promo on the best.

In regards to your comment of:

"Price each one at $59.95, making $45 on each unit"

If we could make a cheap plastic item and had the item made in China in quantities of 10,000 or more that would be possible. However, that is not the case. The smart car is a low volume vehicle and the number of accessories sold for it are also sold in much smaller quantities (100's, not 1,000's).

If you know of any company in the US that can deliver us anything close at those kind of margins please have them give us a call. We'll be more than happy to speak to them.

Our goal is to always provide the widest range of products for the smart along with the lowest price guarantee and full customer satisfaction on every item we offer.

We truly hope we can be of service to you in the future. If we can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to call us at 562-981-6800.

IH8OPEC said:
Is that why you've gone out and aquired exclusive rights to sell products and marked them up 40% to 50% over what they could've been bought for before at the original vendors site?

Lowest price my @ss!!!! You gouge the hell out of the smart community and count on most to be too stupid to know better!!!

Once again you make statements that are simply not true.

Here are the facts:

1. We did not go out and acquire exclusive rights. The manufacturer decided that he simply wanted to concentrate on making parts, but did not want to go through all the trouble of marketing them and dealing with the end user. He asked us if we would add his line of products to our offerings. Since we liked the manufacturer, his products and his business ethics we agreed.

2. During the short time that he offered his bumpers directly he realized that he was breaking even and even loosing money on every unit he sold. The materials were expensive and the time it took to make each piece made it an unprofitable item. He originally made them for his own smart and never intended to sell them. He ended up having many requests from fellow smart owners and made a small batch to satisfy the requests.

3. When we agreed to offer his line we asked to also carry the bumpers since we really liked the way they looked and how well they were made. The manufacturer did not want to make them due to the lack of profit and how long they took to make. We really wanted them and asked what we would need to pay him for the items to make it worth his time. He gave us a number that he needed in order to make it happen and we agreed.

4. You know the person who manufactures these items and you have met him personally. If you do not believe the statements I am making ask him yourself.

5. A mark up of 40-50%... I only wish!

Sir, you have a bad habit of making statements about something you have no knowledge of and making them sound like facts. The mark up on this item is well below the range you quote. Is there a mark up between us and the manufacturer? Absolutely, that is the case on everything that is being offered for sale by every company.

5. In regards to our lowest price guarantee... We stock well over 600+ products for the smart. 90% of them are not exclusive to us and are also available elsewhere. We do our best to offer our products at the lowest cost possible and if someone ever finds the same product elsewhere we price match. All they have to do is let us know. It is that simple.

6. Lastly... Your comments about "most being too stupid to know better" are simply offensive to the community. We have thousands of satisfied customers and I would bet that the majority if not all have the same or even higher level of intelligence than you.
Bravo Boris !!!!
Second that! Unfortunately there are a few owners who can't seem to resist the urge to dump on anybody or anything they don't like or agree with, facts be damned. If the poster feels he can make this item from the same material and at the same quality for 50% less then let him prove it.

Jim D. said:
Bravo Boris !!!!

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