Did my first oil change using the Topside oil pump.  It performed as addvertized and it was the cleanest oil change I've ever done.  Close the clamp on the insert tube, give 15 pumps on the pumphandle, insert tube in dipstick hole and release the clamp.  When the oil stopped running into the can, I gave it about eight pumps with the clamp closed, reinserted the hose and popped the clamp.  While moving the hose around to insure all old oil removed.  I changed the oil filter with a new Fram 10,000 mile oil guard filter.  I put in three quarts of Mobil 1, 0-40 and checked the dip stick...the oil was clean as a whisle.  I then ran the engine, then added final 1/2 quart, and I was done.  Then I reset the wrench alarm for a new 10,000 mile and then that was done.  Oh, and I never had to lift the car at all.

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The one thing you won't be able to clean using the method that you used, is to clean out the filter screen attached to the drain plug.  You can change the oil without lifting the car.  There is enough room to slip a shallow drain pan and still get under the car to break loose the drain plug and replace the filter.
Before deciding which method to use I watched both vidios.  The one that removed the drain plug, he set it aside to drain into the pan.  No cleaning was performed other than draining.  With the suction method it drains by being sucked out.  I don't see the difference.
if you have a compressor and an air line, you can blow out the screen on the plug. with a suction line, you don't know where in the pan it's sucking from. the suction method was used on first generation smarts (450 series) due to the fact that there wasn't a drain plug at all.
Thanks for the info, I don't have an air compressor.  This method is still used by MB, can't be that bad.  Having a steel plug in a non steel pan can run the risc of stripping the threds.  I'll see which way I go 10,000 miles from now.

Alan, could you post the links to the videos for us?



For those that would like to see vidio of changing your oil;  simply google "changing oil on 2008 smart car".  The specific ones I mentioned were  "YouTub - Smart Car Oil Change", and "How to Oil Change a Smart Car with Topside Oil Cha Vidio - 5min".  Actually I think I used Bing but both should work. 

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