OK, so what mileage (mixed, hwy and surface street) ARE people getting?

My Smart just had a 300-mile birthday and a tank fill-up.  I figure it's about 38.5 MPG, which isn't bad for a non-hybrid?   How are other people doing, and apart from what we already know (eschew jack-rabbit starts, lead foot on highway, etc), is there anything you do to improve your mileage?  Do you do better with automatic shift or paddle shift?  Etc..


-becky t-

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I'm getting around 45 mpg highway in fairly mountainous terrain.

I, too, tend to average around 40-42 mpg, at least during the warmer months.

I think the jackrabbit starts aren't really all that much of a concern, really. When you think about it, yeah you're using more fuel than usual.... but it's only for the couple seconds until the car gets up to speed. Think the biggest fuel drainer is when people keep their foot on the gas more than they need to. When i'm going 55-60mph down a flat road/highway... i've noticed on my Scangauge that i can get a couple more MPG (at least by it's reading) just by letting my foot off the gas ever so slightly more.... just enough to keep my speed.

As for the automatic or manual shifting.... i tend to just let it do it's own thing, unless i'm going up a steep hill where it doesn't shift until the RPM's are a bit higher than i'd like them to be.
The majority of my driving is about town, slightly hilly area, and I usually get in the 35 to 40mph range.

Last tank was 38.39mpg.
I'm getting around 34 mph combined city/hwy. I'm kind of disappointed. I have about 3500 miles so far.

michael said:
The majority of my driving is about town, slightly hilly area, and I usually get in the 35 to 40mph range.

Last tank was 38.39mpg.
My first tank was 41mpg, but I think the dealer topped it off, and squeezed in every drop. My second was 38,7mpg. The third fillup will be tomorrow.
Jim, supposedly they say if you top the tank off, you're more likely to get WORSE gas mileage even with more fuel. forget the reasoning behind that.....
Becky in 2 day's (Sunday May 9) I will have my little one 1 full year and have just about 22,700 miles on her. I do both in town and highway driving and a lot of back country roads. I did fill up today and my mileage was 49.47 miles per gallon. I'm getting close to the 50 mpg mark and that is what I am hoping for. I know I'm doing good when after filling up the gas guage does not move any till after 130 miles. If I make it, it will be on the blog
I just filled my third tank. 40.1mpg. Not to shabby. I'm still breaking it in, so hopefully it will only get better. I'd love to see 50.
I do combined driving, mostly highway, some steep hills. I have only had one tank under 40mpg, and that was 39. Today, when I filled it, I had 43.3mpg. When I took a relatively flat route last week, it was 45.1.
I'm sneaking up on my 1 year anniversary and 15000 miles with the Brabus and I've kept all the gas records since new. My odometer is 14683 and total fuel purchased is 407 gallons. That works out to about 36 mpg at last fill up. Always filled with at least 92 octane and it seems that a great deal of the time the air conditioner is on. I have minimum respect for posted speeds and have no trouble keeping up with the interstate traffic if it will get me where i want to go when I want to get there. I would estimate my driving is 10% city, 80% suburban, and 10% open highway and interstate. Most of the time my wife and I are together, so the passenger load is indeed a full load. Best mileage tank was about 41 mpg, worst was 28.4. I switch back and forth from auto to manual shifting. I don't think it has much effect on mileage as much as control of shifting points ie. smoother shifts.
Hope this is informative - Happy Motoring!!
The reason you most likely don't get it is because it's obvious that you haven't done your research on this great car, let alone SAT in one to see how comfortable it really is (tall or heavy people also have plenty of room), or know that it is so well designed and made inside and out (by Mercedes), and most of all it is an absolutely blast and a half to drive. I should know, because I also have a Mercedes S55 AMG (do you know what that is?). So, if I still think the SMART is fun to drive, that's saying alot. I would buy one for this reason alone plus the good enough for me gas mileage, the ultra cute look of it inside and out, and the super safety features (5 star crash test rating plus rollbar like race cars), etc.

Next time you don't get something, please don't insult it without doing your homework, especially with people who have actually bought it. Not nice how you put things, girlie...

Moo Kahn said:
I don't get it- why would anyone want one of these half-sized uncomfortable death-boxes when they only get 35-40 MPG ? Something this small should be getting 60+ or forget it. For the same money or less you can have a subcompact that gets better mileage and is a lot easier on the back- plus has room for a suitcase.
WOW Moo Kahn, that was a Rude cheap shot you said to KRISBBY... I think you took a wrong turn on the web, and ended up on this Smart site... I think you should search out a SUV 4x4 web site where you will enjoy being with Like Minded People... Please don't tread on my fellow Smart Members...

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