I haven't given it much thought BUT I am now curious if anyone else has had this as well or if I am the only one. My car, an 09 Passion for two makes a quick short whistle when slowing down to a complete stop or an almost complete stop like a turn. It makes the whistle noise when what feels like to me the clutch it engaged (thrown out). Like when you are slowing down in a manual 4 speed transmission car and and just before you stop you throw out the clutch and take it out of gear. When my smart does this it whistles, not incredibly loud but loud enough for me to notice it even with the windows up. Am I alone in this? Do I have the only whistling smart car lol ?

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Well.... you have to remember..... it IS, at heart, a manual transmission. there is a clutch.
Yes I do realize this. I am just curious if others have this noise. Is it something I need to schedule a service at the dealer for, or is it nothing to be concerned over. None of the cars I have owned in the past with a manual transmission ever whistled lol. I only ask as my car has 21,000 miles on it and if there is an issue I need to get it fixed before my warranty expires.

it's just the transmission whining...

Sounds more like brakepads to me.  Hey, this is a really really old discussion we're digging back up.

not the brakes, something to do with the automated shifting. Now with 88k miles on my smart, it still does it when it throws out the clutch to shift. Not always, but now and then.

Perhaps you should have a friend videotape what you are describing and then linking us to that video.  Trying to diagnose based on your description is difficult.  It's not usual for squeals and squeaks coming from the transmission during shifting.

Sorry, I worded my post incorrectly.  I didn't mean squeals and squeaks DURING shifting is normal.  What I meant that actually hearing the transmission shifting is normal just like any manual gearbox. 

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