It’s great having an active community on smart USA Insider, but we want to know what other smart related communities are you part of? Facebook? Twitter? Smart Madness Forums? Let us know.

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SCoA of course, as well as the Canadian site Club Smart Car and smartmaniacs, a UK site.

SCoA, CSC, and SmartMadness.

I check out Smart Madness Forums, Area 451's, SCOA and smartUSAinsider.

We are active on all the US forums, but post the majority of new content, custom car projects, enthusiast news and all the new things we are working on in our forum at

We also have a very active global smart car community on our SMART MADNESS Facebook Page.

I used to be on Area 451, but haven't been there since this site launched. I post our club events on SCOA but never get any response. Thus, I'm always here! Oh, and I see you on Facebook, too!


Another new websight I have just discovered is:  www.America-smart-car-guide.  Check it out and hopefully you will post something.  It looks like a fun websight and some more posts would make it more relevant.

My main home is right here on sUSAi. I keep abreast of other smart sites via RSS feeds. I only visit them if a relevant topic comes up. Generally, I think there are too many smart sites scattered over the web. I joined the UK site destination smart to see what the rest of the smart owners in the world/europe are up to. Most the other smart sites are old style text forums and are more tedious to use. They have lots of information, but most tech info is based on folks personal opinions and experience.  You have to sort through it for facts. I hope to see sUSAi become the favored authority on smart in the USA. Second to sUSAi, and smart madness' are sites I like.


Primarily I spend my smart time on SCoA, but check Insider from time to time. I also keep tabs on my smart YouTube videos.

I have memberships on most every public smart site I could find around the world, though I don't check them very often. Mostly it is SCOA and here, plus the smartUSA fb page (and the various club sites on fb, including mine).

SCOA, here, and Kawasakitrax (snowmobile site) not much snowmobiling with the warm dry winter so far.. 

Pretty much for me I spend most of my time on SCOA. Other sites I spend time on are at,,, and  

I also own a 1990 Honda Civic that is slightly modified.

Jim- You gotta upgrade the skis to wheels to drive in the grass :) 

Ski's work just fine, they usually don't touch the ground anyhow...

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