Every year, there are more and more cars looking for a piece of curb they can nestle up to. And while the amount of space available hasn’t changed, some cars have tricks up their sleeves.

We’re asking our Insiders to help build a list of all the cities and states where you can park perpendicular to the curb. Add a comment to this thread and let us know if you can perpendicular park in your neighborhood.

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Unfortunately there is not one city in California where it is allowed.  :( 

Even if the parking area is marked exactly as it is in the picture above (there are some roads in California like the picture above), it is still not considered legal ANYWHERE in California if you read the CA Vehicle Codes and the CA DMV Driver's Handbook.

It's a shame...  :'(

If the parking area was marked as the one in the picture suggests, I would do it even in California*. 

*This is not advice, if you do this it is at your own risk.  I shall not be held liable for any tickets, incidents, or repercussions from this decision.

I have done it many times in Washington DC.

Have had cops tell me not to because "It looks funny"?

BUT, I haven't gotten a ticket YET?

I do usually try to part in front or behind a HUMMER (or other OVERSIZE vehicle) so they are sticking out farther than my smart?

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