We rented the Steve Martin "Pink Panther 2" DVD this weekend. In some early scenes, he and his sidekick are driving the streets of Paris in a Red Passion. The error in the film is that in a single trip, the shots of the outside of the Smart Car clearly switch back and forth between a red 450 Model and a newer 451 Model. The license plate is the same on both, but the tail lights and silver tridion are from obviously different models.

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Welcome to the movies. For those of us who live in California especially Southern California, we see errors like this all the time. The most obvious is when someone is driving up Pacific Coast Highway with the ocean on the left, where it is when you are Northbound. Suddenly it's on the right, then in the next second it's on the left. Happens all the time. Most recently in the season finale of Ontourage but also in LA Story with Steve Martin. Last time I looked the Pacific was in the same place it's always been.
I really hate it when a car spins out in a chase and one wheel cover comes off. Then a scene or two the later, the wheel cover is magically back on. Did they stop running from the police to replace the wheel cover? I need to be a film editor in my retirement years,
Watch "The world's greatest car chase" in Bullet. There is a green Volkswagen Beetle that gets passed by Bullet and the Bad Guys four separate times!

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