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I have heard and read much about the infamous PNDR when the car doesn't go into R or D. Mine had those issues too, so I was scheduling a clutch replacement, but received this email from my dealership today 8/6/2010:


"...the good news is, is that Smart gave us a new fix for the Reversing issue.  It’s a software patch that takes no longer than an hour to download.  This is brand new, as of last week, I believe.  Smart recently decided that while replacing the clutch was our initial fix, it may not permanently fix the issue.  And while we haven’t seen any evidence of the problem reoccurring after a clutch replacement, Smart attests that the download WILL permanently fix the problem."


Has anybody heard that SMART has this fix and therefore is finally omitting that there is a problem???



Can't wait to get this discussion going....




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I've done my research and know others have the same issue and read discussions on other sites. The point is, if there is a admitted issues (btw; thanks for spelling it correct) and a fix, then there are lots of Smarties PO'ed because they paid out of their pockets for a new clutch.

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