well after 2 attemps to fix my oil leak, smart has decided to replace the motor in the car with only 6k miles on it  :(    hope everything is better when i get it back.. i miss it....

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I'm very interested to know where that oil was leaking from to justify replacing the entire motor.
they have been kinda hush hush about it but when i get it back ill let you know. they have had my car now for about a month and says it may be close to the end of june before i get it back! waiting on parts from Germany they say.... i do miss the car plus i bought a convertable for the summer months and summer is here and no car! sorry venting lol
It sounds like you broke something "that never breaks". These are the hardest, most costly to fix! Hope this all being done on smart's nickel.
it had a oil leak that smart said was so common that the parts to fix it was on back order.... they fixed it and it still leaked so now they have decided to replace the motor.. as long as its fixed im not worried about but thank god smart is taking care of it. it all seems fishy so i want a complete breakdown of why when i get it back!

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