Jake posted a pic of a radio control smart last week (in the photo's section) 


Thanks for the find, Jake


the scoop at this time is they are sold exclusively at Rite Aids.


not all states have Rite Aids.


there are many of us with access to the Rite Aids that are willing to ship these to the deprived.


I am one of the ones willing to ship at cost of the item plus shipping.  Here in NC they are 19.99 plus tax 1.55=21.54. 


If we can convince Rite Aifd to offer them online, that would sove the access issue.


So far the colors are red and blue.

they run on AA's and 9v battery.


PM or anyothers that pitch in to send these to the deprive areas.


Happy RC smarting!


PS They were not on ebay as of last night.

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So you did tape it to match the real one. Thats funny.

Paul McClain said:
Thanks Forest, I missed that. I forgot to remove the tape over the gas cap after I painted it.

Forest said:
Got mine upgraded

Very nice paint job, inside and out...I can imagine the taping was soooo much fun! Did you use the blue tape?

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