Who will work on smarts in Milwaukee? Forget Madison. It's 70 miles away and they charge $125 an hour.

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70 miles? Our closest dealer is 125 miles one way. We have tried to get service locally at a Mercedes Benz dealer but they could not get their computer to access the on-board computer on our smart. Something to do with computer licenseing. Ayway you look at it they have you by the short hair. As much as we love our smart we are not at all happy with that aspect of smart ownership. If we have to make that trip too often it could have an impact on how long we keep our smart. Perhaps when Penske takes control over smart that might change.

Well, as it turns out, I went to AutoZone and they were able to dump the Engine Light Code. It was a 455 which means "Air Leak" in the EVAP System.

I found a courageous local car repair (Liberty Auto in Racine, Wisconsin) who was willing to take a look at it. He found a rotten clamp on the gas hose that was letting air leak in. He replaced it and traced the rest of the system to make sure there were no other clamps of similar age that were bad. Took him two hours. Charged $140 which I do not consider out of line.

Light went off. Car runs great! I'm satisfied for now but I am looking for another vehicle. I have not decided if I am keeping the smart for sunny summer days or not.

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