We have developed a problem with our Smart FourTwo that prevents it from going into reverse at times. The resolution, as it's been explained to us, is that we need to spend dollars for a software update to correct this bug.


It does seem a little obscure that a bug in thes oftware that prevents the vehicle from operating what would be considered 'normally' (i.e. when you put it in reveres, it backs up) would manifest itself in an additional cost to correct a defect in the software.


Has anyone else encountered the Pay-Me-For-My-Bug problem?



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THe software fix is a replacement for the Old option of replacing the clutch for the same symptoms. It is a lot cheaper.

Did they quote you a price? It shouldn't be much more than shop time. If you have other service to do as well you may get them to toss in the software while it's in the shop.

What year is your car?
I had a similar problem with my 2008 cabrio. The dealer called it an 'upgrade' and the charge was $50. I had it done a few weeks ago and, so far, so good.
If the car is still under warranty there should be no charge IMHO. This is a long standing issue with the 08 - 09 smarts.
Forgot to add, try calling the 800 number or e-mail them at:customer-service@ib-smart.net

jwight said:
If the car is still under warranty there should be no charge IMHO. This is a long standing issue with the 08 - 09 smarts.
I had the same problem with my '09. Took it in an they replaced the clutch, no questions, and now it works like a dream
Mine is in the shop right now for not shifting into reverse. The service guy told me that it's 110.00 just to look at the car. If it's the software, it'll be 110, if it's the clutch, not covered because I have 29K miles (car is 1 month short of 2 years). Waiting to hear from dealer with diagnosis...
Sure, Anything Micro$oft.

On spice? Not yet, I hope never.

I was told that the clutch still looks good and the software update to the sprint shifter unit should take care of it. We'll see...
I've decided to dump my Smart - if the manufacturer gave it to me with something that proves to be faulty and refuses to accept that they sould fix it - they and thedealer do not deserve my business.  Faulty software that cost me $100 under my extended warranty is unacceptable. 

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