Hello fellow Smarties: 

I've got a 2013 sharpred edition that now has just under 16k miles.  We started hearing an awful banging sound when we would go over even the smallest bumps in the road.  We had it in to our smart center in Tampa two times and they said they could not identify the location of the noise.  They tried taking all of the panels off of the car and putting them back on...no good.  The dealership folks kind of thought I was nuts.  After my third visit with the car being declared as 'operating within standards', one of the mechanics finally took a ride with me and (thankfully!) he heard the banging. 

After several days in the shop, the mechanic finally discovered that the roof had separated from the body of the car in the driver's side front.  The sharpred is basically a souped up passion so it has the glass panoramic roof.  The dealership said they had to order a brand new roof kit as the old roof could not simply be glued back on.  Weird. 

Has anyone else had this happen?  We had the problem on our 2008 with the 'shattering' of the roof glass, but this was a new one.  So far so good, but it has only been a couple of weeks with our new improved roof.  I do hope that the problem has been taken care of as it really bummed me out.

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The clear plastic roof has been a Major headache for many owners. Sorry to hear that the problem is still not addressed. MB usa should be ashamed. There's no excuse for the roof not being properly installed.  You are luck you didn't have water leaking into the car in the rain.


Yea, no kidding. Every once in a while we would have a few drops in the car but not enough for us to put 2 and 2 together. I swear sometimes it sounded like the car was going to fall apart. We contacted smart USA and said the dreaded lemon law and it was finally addressed. I am trying to like my car again, but the whole thing has just been a hassle.

Kim, it's good to hear they are helping you.  We really 'love' our smart. I hope you'll still enjoy yours after things are settled.


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