Should the Dealer Exchange the Purge Valve and Clutch Before Warranty is Out

Hi, I was reading posts here and some said that there was a "defect" in the clutch thingy and that the dealer is replacing or fixing these.  And also that the purge valve causes a tapping sound, which gets louder and louder as time goes by.


My question is, since I am taking my car into the dealer tomorrow for a checkup because the warranty is out on Thursday, should I INSIST that they replace or fix these 2 parts, even though right now I do not seem to have a problem with them?  I would hate to have problems after the 24 month warranty is over.  I just bought it about 2 wks ago (used). 


And Is there anything else I should ask them to do while it's there?  It has already had the 2009 software upgrade and 5,000 mile oil change the day before we bought it.  I am taking it to the SMART center in Buckhead, Georgia.


Any thoughts on these things would be appreciated, as I am taking it in the morning.  I know it is short notice, but I just thought of it.  ha






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The clutch issues (per my dealer based on info from Smartusa) affects only certain vehicles. Your dealer can check via your VIN # to see if your car might be affected.

A tapping purge valve is considered "normal". If your dealer will swap it out for free, it is because they think Smartusa can be billed for it (and/or the goodness of their heart). :-)
Thanks, Mark. I took it in and they drove it around and computer checked it or something and said everything is fine at this time. So, of course it will probably fall apart sometime Thursday morning, when the warranty runs out. Just kidding......I trying to talk my husband into an extended warranty, but don't think he's going for it. Oh well. I'll just think on the positive side and enjoy every minute of it running beautifully..rmmm rmmmm rmmm rmmm..I luv that little engine sound it has - !
Just out of curiosity, would anyone care to share the approximate cost of an out of warranty clutch replacement?
My issue is that about 5 times it wouldn't shift to "R" or "D". First they said wear & tear, then it's because I pull a (very small) trailer. After I proofed that Smart Europe qualified the 451 with a towing capacity of 480 KG (240 lb) The Smart Center Dallas offered me the clutch under warranty ($213.00) but I have to pay labor ($315.00). So they partially omitted that there was in fact something wrong with the clutch, why else would they ‘back-off’?
So, I researched SCOA and found a lot of other cars having the same clutch issues, and some dealerships fixed it under warranty other did not. I copy/paste some of those forums and send them to our Regional Manager for SmartUSA. Today the dealer calls me for a free clutch replacement! Do your homework, put pressure on Smart USA and the dealer and they will soon post a re-call on the 08/09 clutches.

Here is what is emailed to SmartUSA:

"Oh oh.... I'm having the dreaded "won't go into reverse" problem. One time a LARGE truck almost hit me (and here I am frantically trying to get the car into reverse). All the car was doing was "beep, beep, beep" and no reverse and no drive. It was a very close call. Its happening more and more often now."

My Cabrio went in for normal 20 thou service this last week. I told the dealer that " it seems to maybe have an intermittent issue getting into reverse. Might be a clutch er sumthin like that there.."

They replaced the clutch under warranty, which would have run out next month....
I'm ASSUMING that there actually WAS sumthin wrong with the clutch maybe.

A computer controlled clutch that you have no control over should last over 100K miles. This IS a common problem and should be addressed by smartUSA.

Is there a class action? I will join it. Just got the bad news on my clutch. 2008 Smart Pure, 31K miles. It just seems a little soon for a clutch to wear out. Am I wrong?

I really wish smart would release an official statement on the clutch issue that removes all the doubts and speculation on what's wrong with the 2008 clutches, what was changed in the 2009 models, what will happen if the clutch fails out of warranty, etc. If they don't want to do a recall, it would be a nice gesture to extend the warranty on that item for 100,000 miles or some reasonable number for an electronically controlled clutch to last. VW did that on window regulators that kept failing. They finally redesigned the defective part and extended the warranty for that specific item.

Good Luck y'all.
My 2009 Pure had the clutch problem and a transmission error code problem. The clutch had problems when the dealer took it for a test drive , it came back on a tow truck. Talk about luck... Both items were repaired and I couldn't be happier. The clutch issue affects some early 2009 also.

I was told there was a problem with the materials that the disc was made of and the clutch position sensor couldn't tell where it was at times. The new clutches are made from a different material.

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