Hey insiders. The L.A. Auto Show is in town (if your town is L.A., that is)! In the area? Stop by and say hi to our shiny fleet of show-smarts, chat with our smart reps, or take a peak at what’s new with smart. http://laautoshow.com
We’re showing-off the the smart forjeremy, the smart BoConcept edition and an amazing smart “art installation” featuring the work of artist Miguel Paredes.

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Honestly i'm disappointed in the lack of smart "educators" at the Auto Show. I was there yesterday and I talked to one of the girls there and she said that she and the other guys were just "models" that were hired to "educate" people on the smarts. I asked if she had owned or even driven a smart and she said no. This right here is a big mistake. Once i arrived to the smart area i felt great and right at home and i started approaching people in a friendly matter talking to them about the smarts, answering any questions they had.

Over in the corner was 1 smart electric drive, red with no options. I went over there and approached this older couple that had questions about it. Note that none of the smart "educators" were even interacting with people, they were just standing around or sitting behind the table. I had a good 5 minute conversation with the gentleman telling him everything about the ED. He thanked me for talking to him about the car and said he was now interested in purchasing one, and i mentioned that i didn't even work with smart and he said "Are you kidding me?! You should be running the show here" I was delighted by that.

After that i approached a group of kids in the ED. Heard a kid say that the interior was stupid. I politely asked him why he thought it was stupid and he was shocked that i questioned his outlandish remark. He couldn't give a straight answer after that so i went on and told him about how the smarts interior is made out of recyclable and "green" material. He actually had a change of thought and said that it wasn't that bad after hearing that. And i had many other conversations and interactions with people.

What im trying to say here is that the "smart educators" at the LA Auto Show are really doing a POOR job at "educating" people on the smarts. I felt as if i did an entirely better job then all of them were doing combined in my 15 minutes of being there. It just doesn't make sense for non owners to be educating people on smarts. Me owning 2 smarts i have a vast amount of knowledge and experience with actual smarts and just an overall big interest in them. Even at the National Plug In Day in Oxnard i probably did a better job educating people on the smart than the actual smart dealer did.

Im a young guy and would love to work for smart and i think i would do a stellar job educating people on the car and even selling them. Also not to brag but i think i looked way better than the guy "models" at the smart section. Really don't even know how they are models. I asked the girl how to apply to work for smart and she said to go to my local smart center so that is what i will do but i just wanted to make it known on here as well.

The smart set up there just isn't compelling and the lack of education there just really isn't happening, and i think i could change that.

- Brandon

Brandon, I have also helped my local smart center with a Car and Truck Show (there was no participation from 'smartUSA'). It was me as a smart Owner and the 'Brand Specialist' from the smart Center. My experience was equal to yours. That was three years ago.

The smart center here is being turned into an AMG Performance Center. MBusa and low selling MB/smart 'sellers' have not shown any interest in using owners to 'help' them, even though we are getting asked about the car everywhere we go. Most owners don't understand their apathy for their own product. It seems to be easier just to 'phone it in' by using third party marketing companies. 

Since smart has a stronger market in your area one of your local smart centers may accept your proposal. Overall, even though smart should use 'owner/educators' they use car salespeople (to sell MBs and smarts).

Let us know how it goes.



Those were real people behind the table???  I thought they were card board cut outs........

nice looking smarts love it 

i agree with all the above mb does not give smart the respect it should. Also i have seen so many people buy smarts and not get the info on the car they should have. I asked questions on the car when i got it and never got the answers. I have learned more on my from MJB than anyone else. I just did a new video update on what i have now learned hope it helps other owners. Oh and the biggest laugh was the so called car clinic which did not answer one question on our cars but insulted us owners  (I am pleased to say that I no longer have to have a smart center here at Orange Park but can now turn it into a AMG Performance Center) He said that in front of my face. The only good news was about the e smart coming out in february.

The feelings they have toward the brand is wrong. When if they are smart since they charge as much for a service call for a smart as a mb  they should look at that after all a sale of a car is a one time thing, but the service on a car is on going. 

The above are facts.  I love my smart and do not car if mb values my car or not, but will help other owners if I can and have not had one boring day since I owned my smart and am glad to be part of the smart family and know when the time comes to service my smart MJB will help me. 

And look forward toward future smart adventures!!!!!!!!!! 

The car that comes with a smile is worth the money we paid it is the fun car!!!

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