My Smart Brabus was involved in an accident early Nov 2010 and put in body shop here in Williamsport, Pa,  It has taken 7 weeks to get parts for car and now they tell me that they cant reset the computer lites for the abs brakes and airbag.  I have been corresponding with smart and they tell me the body shop cannot reset the lites.  They tell me i have to take car to a smart Center almost 200 miles away for this to happen.  After 7 weeks of not having my Smart, they now tell me this.  This is unacceptable, i have been trying to get the CEO or President of Smart to complain and no on at Smart will give me this info.  I will never buy another smart car and recomment that no one else does. No on seems to care or do anything about this, i can be contacted at for any additional info about the way i have been treated by smart

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I would appear that you have two seperate issues.  First the body shop taking so long to get your parts.  I was hit in my Brabus and it took about 2 weeks for the parts to come in.  If your car was drivable then you should have been able to keep it until the parts came in.  If the car was not drivable then you should have been told how long it would be.  The body shop also should have told you up front that they could not reset the computers.  This is common with the smart. 


As for the dealership, they should have told you, if you informed them of the extend of the damage from the accident, that you would have to go in for the computer reset. 


If you go to you will see that many of us are in the position of having to travel to the dealer to get any work involving the computer done.  I do not see the connection between what the body shop did and the dealership.  Best of luck

You took your smart to a regular body shop???

You can write to:

Jill Lajdziak, President

smart USA Distributor LLC

2555 S Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills,

This terrible...I have heard about this type of situation on other "newer" cars....You must have a Smart Center nearby to be easy.


Hang in there.

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