Did anyone happen to see a Chevrolet Cobalt commerical with a smart car parked beside it at the beginning of the commercial?

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why are they comparing themselves to the smart. Arent sales down for the smart? Besides how many adults could really fit in the back seat and be comfortable? Just wondering. And does anyone really think they can get 37MPG in that?

Just my 2 cents
They are comparing themselves to everybody since everybody is their competition.

I just recently drove a Ford Focus (rental) in NC this past weekend, and when I had the driver's seat in a position so I was comfortable (I am only 5' 10" tall), the back seat had exactly 4 inches of legroom between the seat edge and the back of the driver's seat.

So I think that I can safely assume that I could not use a Ford Focus as even a four passenger vehicle when I am driving.

Of course it had the Sync system which was cool. I plugged in my Kindle loaded with 100's of MP3 Files, and they played on the stereo, and it had built in bluetooth. But the coolest feature was the LED lights (around 5-6 of them) which could be set to different colors. They lit up the driver's and passenger's footwell, and cupholders, and other places. Would it cause me to buy this car? Of course not, but it was cool.

But all the time I was there, I was wishing I had my trusty Smart to drive... :(
I was at the local AT&T store when a yellow smart car caught my attention. Me, being 235 pounds was surprised when the passenger got out and he was bigger than me! He said the seats where confortable and he had plenty of leg room. His wife pointed out the a/c, radio, cup holders and etc...The car had great pick up speed and they drove it up to 100 mph. you also have the option of standard/ or automatic. For someone single this is a great 2 seater car. For $15,000 I'm sold!
This year, Government Motors will build more cars in China than in the USA... In China, when you complain, you will be sent to a re-education camp...
It is all about educational selling and the smart could use more of that. If the buyer isn't aware of the standard safety assists on the smart, they can't want that!
They did the same with FORD pickup's new "Cowboy Step". GM didn't think of it fist; so they laughed it down hoping that you the consumer subconsciously react like GOLLY, GOSH, GEE WILLIKERS BATMAN, I don't wanna be outside looking in.

* GM by definition panders to the base; the Least Common Denominator. It's an AXIOM: Owning a GM speaks volumes about intelligence level, education choices, propensity to free thought, compromise on mate selection, and acceptance of despotism.
No offense to chevy, but I think that putting a smart next to that ugly junker probably just sold a few smart cars.

The cobalt is a cheap looking, uncomfortable car that gets terrible mileage for its size, shape and year and that doesn't seem to do as well in crash tests. Whatever it is rated, my wife drove a cobalt on the highway for 150 miles or so and it got 28 mpg, which was significantly worse than the Impala she often drives (it gets 32), and much worse than the smart which got 41 over the same stretch of road.

Chevy has a point that the Smart car shouldn't even be in the same mileage ballpark for ratings. It should probably get five to ten MPG more, (and more to the point, the nearly 80MPG diesel should be available in the US), it doesn't let chevy off the hook for making a car that doesn't motivate people to buy it. The TDI sportwagon (great mileage, good crash test performance, lots or room and very comfortable) is a good product that people want to buy, and why people pay top dollar for them.

If the cobalt were a TDI sportwagon for half-price, they'd have a real argument there...especially if it could be folded up for parking.

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