smart Car on Jalopnik's "Ten Worst Cars of the Decade"

Oh well, I still love mine:

Jalopnik's Worst10 Cars Of The Decade

Smart ForTwo

Years Produced: 2008 – Present
Current Base Price: $11,990
Current Engine: 1.0-liter I3, 70 HP

Why It Makes The List: As 106-inch-long cars go, the Smart is pretty damn good. Nothing this size and shape should drive as well as the Fortwo does. Here's the problem: Every other car on the planet is bigger. Ride quality, handling, and safety are all easy to engineer when you're working with a platform larger than a liquor cabinet. (For reference, the Smart is smaller than the average liquor cabinet.)

Yes, we're impressed that the ForTwo almost passes for a real car. Yes, it's meant for a purpose, and no one with a brain expects it to ride like a Lexus or handle like a Lotus. But questions keep popping up: If a 1960s Mini can be fun to drive and deliver killer mileage, why can't a Smart? Why is its combined fuel economy only slightly better than that of the much larger — and way more comfortable — Honda Fit? And why is the convertible almost $17,000?

As a science experiment, it's a success. As a real car, it resembles a science experiment.

Drives Like: The world's fastest German golf cart.

Best Quality: Can be easily parked in Manhattan.

(Photo Credit: Jiazi / Flickr)
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Consider the source.
yea. They apparently have no clue what they're talking about... and are more than likely going by the looks of the car, and what other reviewer's have said.
Obviously ignoring fifteen great years in Europe as one of the most popular cars.
Forest said:
They like Performance cars. I love my smart, but its hard to call it a performance car. Take a look at the top ten list and you will see how Impractical they are, and they make no apologies about it.

High MPG vehicles need not apply

I thought the say thing when I saw their Top Ten List, except for the Mini Cooper.
Was the 1960s Mini all that great? Sometimes we tend to remember past vehicles in a more forgiving light than we judge current ones. For starters, the Smart no doubt is a much safer vehicle than the 1960's Mini.

Some years back, I went for a ride in a friend's 1970s fastback Mustang. These days, I don't see how we drove those cars-poor ergomonics, blind spots, heavy feel to the controls and handling that left much to be desired beyond the straight line acceleration. Sure you can mod them to perform much better, but in stock form, it's easy to see the current advances in automotive engineering. It was refreshing that when I bought my Smart, it was originally silver, but I wanted blue. No problem, just swap the panels. Saved me from scouring the internet and driving all over the place trying to find the right combination of color and equipment.
Since I have found that mileage is better in Europe and was considerably better with the diesel in Canada - one of my conclusions is EPA and DOT have impacted mileage here. I have a "gray" market one - the importer had to add an evaporative system among nearly 2 dozen changes. Europe's emission standards are comparable to the US. Small(er) cars are the norm in Europe and many other countries, roads are better in many of them. With the 6 speed, .7 litre turbo engine, their average mileage "exurban" roads was 4.0 litres per 100 km - about 60mpg. The diesel was 3.1 litres per 100km - about 77 mpg. Urban driving was about 1/3 less.

Also Daimler was losing $$ for many years - suppose some changes had a $$$ basis including the diminished value of the dollar. The safety features and cage design/materials are likely as costly as for a larger car. I saw a nicely equipped hybrid in the Netherlands last year for under 14k euros including their 19 (or 21% I forget which) value added tax.
Funny thing about that article. after first seeing it, i sent an e-mail to the editor-in-chief Ray Wert saying it would be much appreciated if they were to take the Smart ForTwo off the list, since it seems like all they did was comment on it by reading reviews performed by other sites, and haven't actually driven the car, let alone for any length of time. Have yet to hear a peep from him..... and also now noticed that my replies to mofoturbo-RIP's comment with him driving it from car lot to car lot were all deleted. Apparently they not only rip open a new one on cars they don't like for some odd reason.... but they frown upon anyone who believes something otherwise.
I've been telling people for a couple of years now to avoid Jalopnik. Is there a way to get that website shutdown? There are lots of websites like it, and ALL are better. Try leftlanenews, worldcarfan, motorauthority, straighline. etc...

FWIW : The original 1998 smart 450 still looks outrageously appealing. A 1998 Honda just looks like dogmeat.
The jerks at Jalopnik can bite me!
I love my econo Corvette which shares paddle shifters,transparent roof,asymetrical tires,high HP to CU engine,2 seats,plastic body,electronic stability control,automatic air conditioning,red interior,and high style design...All these features for $14,000 , most of which are not even available with the competition...Fuel economy better than ANY non-hybrid car,with hybrids costing several thousand more...The Smart will be a full sized car in 10 years???
Well I could just refer to my extensive 3 page essay worth of reasons and facts of why to buy smart...
Why a person likes or dislikes a car is anybody's guess. I never bothered to read this guys article because I'm pretty sure of what's in it's all been said before. The Smart Car does not fit into the previous American mentality of transportation....bigger, faster, more comfy no matter how it effects cost or mileage. Some people are reluctant to give up any of these things because they are so important to them. My reason for buy a Smart was because I really wanted something simple..... a point A to point B type of car. The car I have is an orphan with elec windows that I had not origionally ordered because I noticed that I could manually roll down the passenger window without even leaning over. It seems funny to consider the weight and maintainence of 2 elec windows in the equation but that's the way some people are looking at this car.

I like the comment above that considers the "why" of the smart car development. Gas in Europe is twice as high as here, the roads are tiny and parking is very cramped. A Smart car is very smart for them because it so fits their needs. Is it "smart" here? I think so.....great mileage, I can still "scoot" my seat forward manually, and I can get all 3 of my vehicles in my garage. - Dan

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