I was in the showroom the other day and checking out Smart ED and a question popped up:

Has anybody actually tested:

a) what is the Smart ED maximum driving range (and at what speed would that be)?

b) what is the maximum range at at 50-55 mph?

Considering how big Smart ED battery is, it just has to be more than advertised (I am thinking that ads are anticipating heavy foot situation and choose to err on the cautious side).

Please speak up what you think or know about the Smart ED driving range and what to do to reach the max.

(thumbs up to Smart ED)

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I think the advertised 68 mile range was chosen because no matter what yahoo with a heavy foot drives it, it will go 68 miles?

All Electric Vehicles (EVs) have a "sweet spot".  A certain speed that is best for maximum range.

I am confident that 100 miles is possible with the smart electric (especially if there are any stops involved where the battery can rest?)

I think you will find that with cautious driving (imagine and egg uder your accelerator AND brake?) and proper use of the recuperation paddles and limited highway driving that 150 miles per charge will be possible?

Wallace...  is very optimistic.  I think the advertised 68 mile range is a safe bet.  I've been able to push mine to around 80 miles in stop and go traffic.

Yes.  I added the smart electric drive to my fleet as well.  I now have a high mileage Pure, a BRABUS cabriolet, and a 2013 smart electric drive with the recuperation paddles. 

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