I have had my Smart Car a little over a year and never had any big problems out of it. Until few weeks ago. As i was going down the road i heard a loud grinding noise coming from the engine and the car seemed to come to a stop. Little did i know that my engine had blown. My car was still under warranty and i took it in to be fixed. They were very nice about everything. And ordered a new engine and got the engine in the car. They went to test drive it and the ENGINE BLEW AGAIN! Now they are investigating on whats going on. I was wanting to know if anyone one else has had this problem? 

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Any specifics on what happened each time?  There have been problems with a few cars overheating (lack of coolant) or low compression in one cylinder.  More details would help.  There are several threads on the SCoA forums covering similar issues.

Well I do know the new engine that was put in my car. A head gasket or something like that blew. It's been a week since this has happened. And they haven't said what there gonna do yet.

Hello Joshua. We'd like to help. Can you message us your contact information and VIN number?

You can email me at JoshuaLRape@gmail.com

Hi, Joshua. It has been several weeks since you posted this entry. We wanted to follow-up and check in on you and your smart. Let us know if you have an update.

Joshua may try to stop raping his engines by no longer driving constantly at redline RPM....IF HE WANTED MORE SPEED, HE SHOULD HAVE WAITED FOR THE 2014 OPTION OF A TURBO ENGINE....

Sweet usage of the capslock there. 

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