I checked the smartusa.com and when i add this option it just adds 350 dollars whereas when i call the dealer to get the radio installed, they charge 585. Can't i just by the smart entryline radio?



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If you order a Passion the entryline radio is included; it is a $350 option on the Pure.  Best bet is to look on the various smart forums for someone upgrading their 2011 audio and willing to part with the stock entryline unit.
i got a new model 10 radio on e-bay for $80, people often remove them to upgrade their units and sell them on e-bay.

The 2011 has a redesigned dash, the previous radios from 2008/9/10 do not fit the opening.

The entryline radio purchased separately will also need the 2011 dash surround (about $100) and the tech's time to install?

IF you buy the entryline radio (and the dash surround) it is very easy to install yourself (5 screws, and wire harness just clips in.  (The PURE is already wired with speakers, and antenna)


The big difference in price is FACTORY install (it is done when the car is built and nothing needs to be cut, massaged or adjusted) vs. adding on later?

Thanks for the replies guys. What is the dash surround. Do i need it if i buy the entryline radio?
The surround is the trim piece that fits around the radio to match it with the rest of the dash.  2010 or ealier surrounds are the wrong shape; you can get one for the 2011 radio from Europe: http://www.smartpartsgermany.com/product_info.php?cPath=255&pro...  or from Smart Madness: www.smartmadness.com.

serkan sendur said:
Thanks for the replies guys. What is the dash surround. Do i need it if i buy the entryline radio?

Thanks guys. I went to a stereo shop today and bought a kenwood radio. They installed it on the car perfectly without the dash kit. They just cut the plastic and inserted the radio very well. The labor and the kenwood cost 223 including the tax. the look was much more than i expected.  i am gonna shoot a photo of it and post it to this forum. The stereo is much better than the original smart radio and the cost is %40 percent of what it would cost at smart center. I am totally satisfied. I can tell you the shop if any of you live in tampa bay area. 



I wanted to share the photos of the radio for you too see how well done it is. I did not buy a dash kit which i think is extremely expensive for what you are getting. But i don't feel like i needed it after all. If you live in Tampa Bay area and want to get this done, stop by Xtreme by videotek at 1800 Drew St, Clearwater, FL. Phone is 727 565 8548. This costs $223 including the labor, stereo and the tax. The quality of sound is awesome. USB input makes it very convenient to carry music around within your pocket.





i had a pioneer originally installed for free, bought the single din face plate for like $20, the radio was $130, i still have it, just not in the car, if anyone is interested, it's 4x50W, but currently wired for a standard smart stereo speaker system.


I am one of those people with an extra smart radio 9.


If anyone wants it, I am located in upstate New York, moving to Mass.  Shoot me an email or message

I know there is a thread on SCoA for donations to Pure owners that might want a radio.



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