Hello friends..

I am new here and just want to say thanks for letting me a part of this awesome site. Well, for some reason my radio stereo volume jumps up to highest level itself when I
listening to it. I can't figure out the reason behind this problem
because it happens randomly. Does anyone have the same problem with
their Smart Fortwo radio? It's really very annoying for me. Can
anyone tell me what can I do to fix the problem?


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If you switch from audio source to another, each has its own volume setting. for example if listening to CD at volume 15 and you press the source button to switch to AUX or FM, and you may have been listening previously to AUX at 25 and or FM at say 27. Well it would seem like the volume on the radio went up when in actuality it just remembered your last setting for volume on that source.

Hope this helps!
The problem I had with my radio was that the volume would drop above level 22 when in AUX mode. They replaced the radio and now works fine

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