My ex bought the smart fortwo passion I now have to drive because we
lived in Manhattan and for space reasons he thought it was a good
For parking purposes it's actually not bad (aside from the giant blind spot).

Everything else about the car is just appalling, most of all SMART the company, who do not stand behind their cars at all.
My brakes continuously go bad, I have broken down on off-ramps and busy
streets more than in any other car I've ever owned. My KIA
Sorento never once broke down in 5 years and 160000 miles of ownership!
I've had the clutch on the smart replaced, most of the electronics around the transmission, various engine parts, a
rim, etc... My friends make fun of me about how frequently the car is in the shop.

The latest problem is the fact that my roof is cracking. It just happened on its own one day. Small lines started appearing from side to side and with every bump they get
SMART doesn't want to hear about it. I have tried to contact them several times, but the ultimate outcome is: "It's your problem,
you have to replace it at your own expense."
Even though i have a 75000 mile extended warranty, even though i've done every service on it, even
though other people have this same problem. It is clearly a design flaw, yet
SMART doesn't want to hear about it.
I've never owned a car I've hated this much. And 50% of that feeling is attributed to the "customer service"
SMART "offers".

Do not buy one!!! I can't even give it away, no one wants it, and I live in the NYC area.

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Had my car 18 months and will go over 24k tomorrow. Have driven across the country twice. A few minor issues that were taken care of with a smile. If you truly want to give the car away I am 1/2 mile from the metro north tracks and can be in nyc in about 30 minutes to pick it up.
I would take it in a heart beat I love my cabrio but want a coupe to drive when it's nasty this is my favorite car I've ever owned and I've diven jags Mercedes porches bmw's so if ya wanna get rid of it I would be more than happy to take I I live in Texas in a very small town and there are three of us

I will, in my typical fashion, step in where angels fear to tread.  I am so afraid some person not having the pleasure of owning a smart may read comments which may discourage him or her from taking the plunge.

I love my little smart.  It is the most fun car I have ever owned, and at 4 score years I have owned a bunch.  As an indication, when I bought the smart I liked driving it so much I disposed of 2 Bentleys, a Porsche and a Jeep which I no longer drove: a guarantee of sudden death for automobiles.  For years I drove race cars in vintage sports car racing, so IMHO I know the tricks of driving well. 

I love Munchkin's little quirks, including, perhaps at the top of the list, the cute little transmission.  A quirk I encounter almost every day, for example,  is the glove box lock.  Once upon a time "Righty, Tighty; Lefty, Loosy" was the watchword.  But not on Little Munchkin.  Unlocking and locking the glove box makes me grin with pleasure, as it reminds me of all the fun little quirks.

I have owned and driven her from new, more than three years ago, and I have visited the dealer but once, only because I was ignorant (didn't read the manual closely) of "reteaching" the transmission.  I have done all my recommended servicing -- on schedule.  I have learned that if I treat Munchkin right she treats me right

Jim, College Station, TX

I agree totally with Jim & Ann in the previous thread. Our two smarts are the most fun cars to drive, especially on long trips in a group & driving in the local mountains doing some canyon carving. We enjoy driving in the So Cal Smartie events & the other active members enjoy doing the same thing & love some of the little quirks about the car.

Thanx, Rob.  We need more like you.  And we need more heard from who have no litany of complaints.  It is not unusual for a few complainers to make the loud noises, while those happy many, like you and me, go smartly on our merry smart way.

BTW, I fibbed in my earlier note.  I forgot about a trip to the dealer.  After I returned to Texas from the Denver smart meet the fan for my air conditioner/heater failed intermittently when I hit a bump.  When I hit the next bump it would go back on.  It was replaced by the dealer on my extended warranty.  After reading up on this failure on Evilution and SCOA I learned that I could have most likely repaired it myself with a little cleaning and lubrication.

Along those lines, if nothing serious happens to little Munchkin during the next few months the most expensive waste of money on her will have been the purchase of the extended warranty.  Nothing breaks -- what a shame. :)


Our paths probably crossed at the Denver Nationals. We had a great time driving there in a caravan from So Cal. We had some people from Texas hang out with us for awhile while at the Nats.
I also wasted my $$ by buying a 5yr. 60 mi. Extended warranty. I used it once and it cost $100.00 deductible to replace a $35.00 part that I could have easily replaced myself. I also purchased the tire/wheel warranty & never used that either.
As for the complainers, they expect a car to be like an appliance. IMO, the smart is a car that you wear. You have to be aware of what the car is doing, what you want it to do for you, & how you should properly communicate with the transmission, steering, brakes, & suspension. If you are not into cars, the smart is probably not for that person.

Wow, this 4 year old post has  over 1800 views! Must be a record for sUSAi.


I love my smart so much we have an older motor coach I would like to trade for another smart running or not

My 2009 Pure was as solid of a car as I've ever owned up to 210,000 miles.  I've had it sitting in storage for the past year, I haven't even spent much time figuring out the misfire issue (I also have 2 other smarts).  I'll eventually figure it out, and although many are automatically assuming I have a burned valve, I will not reach that conclusion until I can personally check the compression and put it through other tests. 

Cars are really just toys to me, and over the past year I've been playing with all my other car toys.  But little blue Pure will get wrenched on eventually and I will get it back on the road.

Sounds to be like you are being a bit unrealistic?  First, what year is your Smart?  That will determine the actual factory warranty in years and miles.  Your 75,000 extended warranty is not the original Smart warranty.  I would contact the company that it's through and ask them to help you.  Having a bad rim is not a warranty issue, unless you noticed it right away when the car was new, in which case, I'm sure your dealer would have replaced it.  A bent rim happens when you hit or run over something.  The roof "crazing" or "cracking" as you said, is a known issue on some Smarts, but Smart has replaced many roofs under original factory warranty.  If your car is out of warranty, Smart doesn't need to replace it for free.  As with anything mechanical, they break down over time.  A warranty covers you for the expectancy of a product.

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