You’re a smart owner so you'll know what we're talking about! We thought it would be funny to give the world a taste of what life is like when you own a smart. So…drumroll…we’re proud to present our new Tumblr page “smart owners be like.” It features short videos, images and clips about the amazingly quirky benefits of having a smart. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at our first short “smart owners be like…I’m too zippy for this game”-


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If you drive a smart, chances are you're saving money on gas. So what can you do with all the money you save? Treat yourself! It's easy to be a baller when there's extra money in the bank. smartster, you go right on ahead and make it rain.

Backseats are overrated, especially when they are the sought after space of annoying tag-alongs, those looking for a last-minute designated driver, or interlopers trying to infringe on a romantic weekend getaway fortwo. You aren't being mean when you say it because it really is true. Sorry, but "you can't sit with us."

Your smart car makes it easy to turn on a dime, zip past idling cars in rush hour traffic or maneuver into seemingly impossible parking spots. To you, this is just how you roll. To others, however, you are a ninja. Watch out Bruce Lee, smart owners be like, where do stunt doubles sign up?

There are plenty of people strutting the streets trying to make a splash, but none of them can compete with your smart. When you roll up to the curb, you are shining so bright, people can't help but stare. Cancel your lunch date - these photogs are going to be here awhile.

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