I know this is hard to believe, but Smart will introduce a pickup version of the new Smart car...The concept car was already introduced with electric motor...I certainly doubt that it will be a half ton truck capable of towing 9000 pound trailers...I think the concept was stolen from a prior Subaru "Brat" model, minus the electric drive...Should we expect a Smart fire truck, in red of course???

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For those of you who remember the Crosley, they had a coupe, a cabriolet, a station wagon, a pick-up, and the Hotshot sort of sports car.

Subaru, also, had a small pickup, called the Brat. Was, for the most part, useless, when it couldn't haul any more than the enclosed station wagons, and couldn't seat as many as a station wagon.  I do not believe this will find much in the way of a footing.

Actually Subaru had the BRAT (which stood for Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter) which was a two seater vehicle like the Chevrolet El Camino.  I know of someone who still owns one, and uses it to transport stuff all the time.  The bed is actually quite useful on that vehicle.


Then Subaru came out with the Baja which was a four seater with a small bed.  My Daughter who drives an Outback wants a Baja because it is soo cute.  The back bed is very small, but still useful for carring some stuff that does not fit in a hatchback.  But since it is no longer available, it of course failed.


I would like to see Smart come out with something like the pickup truck concept, but have the back bed enclosed to allow storage of groceries, etc.

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