smarts may be small in size, but they’re big on safety.  We’ve spoken to some of you and many of you have posted your stories on websites like, but we’d like to hear more! Tell us about a time when smart’s safety technology helped you or someone you know. We may take a few of your submissions and highlight them on our website.

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Day after I got the Smart Car a 6-point buck ran across the road as I was traveling 45mph and his head connected just under the windshield on the driver side and body whipped around and hit the driver side door.  Driver-side headlight was destroyed, windshield cracked but the car was totally drivable.   One week later my son hit a doe with the 2011 Camry and the car was undrivable and insurance totaled it.   Final rankings?  +1 Smart Car, -1 Toyota Camry,  -2 Deer.

I was traveling on I-70E going 70MPH and the semi in front of me lost the entire re-tread of it's tire. I didn't even have time to react. I hit it full force. (it was as wide as my car). I saw the car beside me as I hit it and her face was like "ohh nooo"!! KATHUMP, the car didn't swerve or lose control, I just went over it like a speed bump. I couldn't believe it!! I got to my destination (35 minutes later) and heard something funny as I exited the freeway. I pulled over thinking I had a flat - the noise was from the tire well, I had some pretty good damage to the front grill and the plastic inside the wheel well was hanging (causing the noise). The fog light was broken and the fender was dented but after I tore off the plastic under the wheel well she was good to go! Nobody could believe that such little damage was done, and it only cost $800 to get it fixed. I love my Smart Car!!!

Here's another story that's been making the rounds lately. A smart owner in Anaheim CA recently saw the business end of a train, but walked away unscathed. Not a bad article!

And yet another story of smart safety - This time smart vs. Ferarri:

My wife had an accident two weeks ago, and hit a tree head on going around 30 MPH.  She had minor bruises, but other than that she was fine.

The car was totaled!

The passenger compartment and both doors worked perfectly after the accident.  The driver's airbag deployed.  People who saw the car are amazed that it protected her as well as it did.  I am not.  I expect this of a smart.  This was a 2009 cabrio.  The replacement 2013 Coupe is on order.

Will people now say? "I wouldn't want to get hit by one of those smarts!"

sUSAi Admin said:

And yet another story of smart safety - This time smart vs. Ferarri:

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