What the heck is it with smart, the scooter is not out yet and they are bashing it on names sake... the brand is becoming the 80s YUGO.......

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I like the way it looks and likely it will fit for those who are close to where they need to be. As far as the idiots posting the negative stuff, they have nothing better to do I guess...
A lot of mention on the comfort - all based on what the seat looks like. Typical of those who judged the smart before even sitting in one much less test driving it.

Let's be careful out there,
Pops and Carlito
Its Jalopnik. Never take anything said on that site seriously. The site bashes everything
I love the way it looks! If it became available I would order 20 for the showroom the same day. I think this would be a great addition to our product line.

Kind Regards,

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