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DVI went away over a year ago; it was an entity set up to enable the transfer of the Penske-owned smart USA to the Mercedes-owned smart USA.  Here's what it says at the bottom of the home page of smart USA: © 2014 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC.  The smart contains many parts common to other Mercedes models, is sold in US Mercedes dealerships and the engineering is done by Mercedes-Benz.  Yes, smart is not identified or badged as a Mercedes, but it is certainly no stretch to say that smart is "Engineered by Mercedes-Benz."  Good for both brands IMHO.

Larry Butler said:

jwight said:

Change it to "smart, engineered by Mercedes-Benz" - which it is.   This slogan, or something like it, was brought up to smart USA during the PAG years and also since the transition to M-B.  Amazing that it took so long to percolate through the organization.   Print up some decals and slap them on the rear window of every smart imported into the USA - no downside that I can see.

Larry responds:

Won't it ruin the Mercedes-Benz brand?  Smart ISN'T from Mercedes-Benz any more than Sprinter.  It's from a spinoff called Daimler Vehicle Innovations.  Notice "Mercedes" isn't mentioned in that name.  Daimler has many companies, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Vehicle Innovations (Smart and Sprinter) and many others.  They are only related by their connection with the master money mongers at HQ.  Mercedes cars come in DIESEL...(c;]

I love it it is about time that smart becomes a bigger part of the mb and gets known for that I like it very much and I want it for my smart 

use something a little smarter, like:

"Mercedes-Benz engineering, travel size"

lol that is so cute I like it

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