The new sUSAi layout has finally arrived.  We want to know your thoughts on the design.  Post any questions you may have on this thread.

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So, I go away for a few hours and you change the whole site!  Congratulations - like the new look.

Looks very will take a little getting used too, but all in all, very nice improvement.

Just my opinion but too much white, and bright colors. Does show off the Lightshine models nicely.

The usability to the site has gone from 'needs work' to 'aggravating'.

The main masthead on every page went from two inches to half the page. Now we are forced to scroll down on every page just to see what is on the page. 3 inch headers to contain half inch text is a waste of space and again forces more scrolling.

The column widths on many pages are 'out of sync'.  

Many typeface colors and sizes are harder to see/read. Using light yellow on white for text is moronic.

I see DVI is more interested in using sUSAi as a 'corporate marketing tool' than a real social network for owners. sUSAi needed improvement in it's stagnant past, in content, site usability and true dialogue with smart centers and DVI.  Instead we get a 'facelift template' that only gives new colors and a harder to use UI.

I don't need another facebook style 'like' page with banal open ended questions (now every fb question is repeated on sUSAi). Any real problems with owners needs are not responded to. Most people that join sUSAi start a page then drop off, 'Thousands of owners' that never participate.

So far the best fix DVI has done for sUSAi, is the spam problem.   

Finally, No more ability to personalize your 'My Page' with 'smart skins' only a huge photo to replace the Masthead photo. 

If I wanted to stare a a static pair of 'lightshine' smarts I'd get a brochure or go to 





There is an option to personalize your own page but it really doesn't work - tried using several photos and you only get a small portion of the photo in the header. That needs work.

I like change, but I have to agree with Spice about the huge header, get rid of it.  I don't mind the colors, I think they are actually refreshing contrast to most other web sites.

Thank you for the feedback. Keep it coming. We will be posting some information on customizing your pages shortly. 

I noticed the new LIKE button on the discussion but what about a LIKE button to each comment. Sometimes I don't want to say anything but I do LIKE something someone else has posted. 

I'm finally getting around on this new version. It did take some getting used to. I guess I LIKE it.

I do not like it.  Too much White.  Hard for me to look at the pages.  Do not visit now as much as I used to for that reason.

I agree with SR, the size of the columns are not rendering well either. Photos are getting cut off on the right side .  I have slowed down as well.


What screen res and browser are you using MJB?

spicejax said:

I agree with SR, the size of the columns are not rendering well either. Photos are getting cut off on the right side .  I have slowed down as well.



Can you take a screenshot of the issue and post it on this feed? We want to fix any site errors.

Thank you for all your help.

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