We've seen police car smarts, fleet vehicles, and even snow plows. What other kinds of occupational smarts have you seen out there in the wild? Bonus question: if your smart could have a job, what would it be?

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delivery smart

Update: Here's another unusual smart occupation. This smart can boast the title of "world's smallest HD mobile production vehicle."


With summer right around the corner, we thought it'd be the perfect time to share the latest smart occupations discovery - a smart slushie service! Adam Trice, a UK-based smart owner, decided to turn the trunk of his car into a slushie dispenser, genius! Trice's idea was so well recieved, he was able to quit his day job and now dolls out slushies on demand at neighborhood events full time. To read the entire story, click here.

Need some fuel? Chicago-based Amanecer Breakfast Tacos is redefining breakfast by serving it up in two unique ways: in a soft tortilla, and in a smart car. The newly-launched company shared some awesome photos of their custom-designed smart trunk that doubles as a mobile storefront. Two warming cases can be moved back and forth on a track that runs along the perimeter of the trunk — proving that the only thing you need to worry about saving room for is seconds.

We love to hear stories of smartsters doing good. Case in point: two smart owners who are members of Homeless Reach and use their vehicle to distribute free food to community members dealing with poverty. Homeless Reach is a UK-based organization that aims to provide essentials to those struggling to get off the street. This holiday season, we hope you find creative ways to give back, too!

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