Mercedes new plans for marketing the smart are mentioned on  The user comments are filled with so much hate for the smart.   Most of the people commenting probably have never even been in on.  I just don't understand the hate people have for the car.

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Nothing new; just ignore them.
As an owner and avid advocate, I agree with jwight.  The smart is one of the most fun cars I have driven, and at 61 I've driven cars in the USA, Korea, Italy and Greece.  The only draw back here is the shortage of support, (parts and service).  Once MB gets that cleared up we can go on enjoying it, coast to coast.

I saw it but was not willing to sign into facebook and allow my personal information to write a positive comment from an owner.


I sure hope MB will advertise on TV. I wish local MB stores would support local smart car events by showing up and promoting what they will do for smart. 


Dreams are free and I dream big! :)

Just read the 'Auto Rag' uh, I mean AutoBlog a AOL company. Wonder what thoese commenters think of AOL? Anyway, this is proof the smartUSA dropped the ball by it's poor ad campaign for the smart. The shock headline of 'Mercedes will try to resuscitate smart' just begs fools to join the smart bashing. It's gonna be up to us owners to show the public what it's all about. The posters over there aren't smart customers anyway. If a micro car is such a bad idea why is Fiat and others trying to get on the band wagon. This country and the media loves to hate. 


I am putting my faith in Mercedes Benz.


Our motto is 'Open Your Mind' when it comes to the average american you'll need a crow bar.




People seem to hate what they don’t understand. When smart was taking reservations over the internet in 2007, the website had several 30 - 60 second info ads. In one ad, the tridion safety cell was explained using actors in a city that was being attacked by Godzilla. As things were being crushed under Godzilla’s foot, and man and a woman dove into a smart just before the foot came down to crush the little smart. Of course Godzilla’s foot didn’t crush the smart because of the safety cell. In another ad, two very large men were looking at the smart in a showroom. They talked about not having enough room for the two of them. Then they both got in and discovered ample room for the both of them.

My wife and I have traveled extensively in Europe over the past 15 years. We have seen many smart car ads on TV. I could never understand why there are no ads on TV in the US.

We both love our little yellow smart car. It has ample room for the both of us on long trips. Ample room in the trunk for a set of golf clubs. It parks where no other car can park. It’s averaging 45+ mpg. And, it has been problem free.

I don't know about golf clubs fitting in the trunk.  I put my passenger seat flat and lay the clubs there next to me.  I have carried a large bag of dog food and a weeks worth of food in the trunk.

I noticed autoblog had a ad for AOL Autos right under the article. Go figure?


What gets me is that so many people who comment auto enthusiast sites complain about boring cars, cars that are just appliances.  The smart car has a personality, it's not boring yet people complain about that.  If the smart were a Toyota Corolla they would complain about how boring it was.  

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