So what made you all buy smart cars? guide me through the process!

of course, all on this site are proud owners of the smart car. but what made you buy it? did you consider others, was price an issue, did you wanna make less of an environmental footprint? I would love it if you would guide me through your buying process and let me know how you feel about your purchase now, and if youre a loyal customer of smart now!

thanx much

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I wanted "Just enough" but I wanted different, fun and safe too.
My trips are to the airport and back home 3 or 4 weeks later. I drive about 4 to 5K miles a year.

Saw it, drove it, bought it, love it. Now I look for excuses to drive somewhere.
saw it in its debut in the Spanish car show YEARS ago. waited only TEN years for it to come State side. I was one of the first to put my $99 bucks down just after midnight when the reservations opened. Got it Feb 28 2008.... I have 30K+ on it and WOULD buy another WHEN it comes with a dual clutch....
I looked for a new car for years. they were all 'eh. nothing felt right.
on a whim, and a rainy day googling i ran into this smart car at a lexus dealer. saw it the next day, drove it, fell in LOVE instantly. brought her home the next day.
I tend to keep my cars for a long time. trade in isn't an issue for me. I had my caravan for 10 years. no trade in value there, however I didnt' pay much for it in the first place. 20 grand ten years later, i got 3 for it. cool.
I bought my 09 passion cabriolet for 11,7.
You have not had any issues with YOURS and you are dissing the smart! GET REAL!

I have 33k on mine and not had any catastrophic failures like you suggest EVERYONE will. Please base your critical info only on your own experience as to not propagate false rumors or make an issue bigger than it truly is.

As far as you wish for a CVT "your variable belt" trans, it is NOT as fuel efficient as a clutch.
A dual clutch tranny would be a much better choice.

Larry Butler said:
Consider me a disillusioned owner, not very proud. I've owned many Mercedes cars of various vintages and brand recognition was one factor to buy. I waited around 4 years, total, to find the right used Smart in as perfect a condition as possible. I bought a late-2008 coupe, loaded, for $10.5K without a scratch that belonged to a little old lady in a retirement home. Everything was serviced at the overpriced stealer's shop. As man doesn't cause AGW, environment had nothing to do with it. My Mercedes diesels all burn recycled vegoil. I'm not allowed to buy a diesel Smart that gets 80mpg in America.

If nothing happens to it, I'll be fine. There's way too many "faults" reported by owners, shifters, clutches being eaten, at very low mileages. A Mercedes that lasts it's not going to be. I'll be amazed if it makes 60K miles without major problems. A clutch is $600, just for the parts. There's no aftermarket parts competition, one of its major flaws. So, Mercedes parts are cheaper. If it got 500 mpg you'd save money if you hire maintenance and parts from the stealers. At 40mpg, saving money is a fantasy.

It's great fun to drive and always the center of attention as they think it's a "death trap". Death trap is my 2003 Honda Reflex 250cc plastic scooter, not the Smart. Honda has no service issues at 22,000 miles....but not in the rain! I wish my Smart had the Honda's variable belt drive instead of its transmission. At 22,000 miles, the belt is fine!

I'm not brand loyal, as you may have detected. Smart needs to replace the defective polycarbonate sunroof that crazes something awful in any car in the sun. They've told other owners the crazing panel is "normal" and "aging", even though it's only 2 years, a travesty.

I cannot recommend anyone buy a vehicle that's so expensive to fix and maintain. Parts and service eat any savings in fuel many times over.
I first saw this car in the movie, Davinci Code and thought, "Wow, what was that?" When I researched what the car was and Googled it, I fell in love. The more I read about it, saw pictures of it, the more I wanted one. I love that it has a small environmental footprint. I can't understand why the majority of the commuters I see every morning on my way to work are hauling around this huge land yacht with a massive back seat and trunk space behind them and they are the only ones in the vehicle. It made no sense to me. I love the way it drives, once I got used to the transmission. I commute to work in it everyday, but my husband and I have also taken it for 200 mile trips. I'd trust it to take it further, but haven't had an opportunity yet to go anywhere of any significant distance. I love the mileage and I admit, I love the fact that it is an uncommon sight on the road and it gets a fair amount of looks. Once, on the freeway, I blew past a corvette and waved as I passed him. It brings a smile to my face everyday. In response to the disillusioned owner who replied below--everyone needs one car in their lifetime that thrills them, they can't all be perfect forever, but I don't regret buying my car. Hope you enjoy yours, Patty, as much as many of us have enjoyed ours!
Back in 2007 my wife plunked down $99. After a year on SCOA researching it I was sold on it too.

And since Gas was just coming down from $5 a gallon I was so ready to ditch the mini van. Haven't looked back since.

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