Now the spammers are spamming each other. WTF



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Not sure where is going with the M-B USA transition.  It looks like the Bloomfield Hills folks are winding down and not able to watch this site as closely as in the past.  Of course the spammers are all over it. Hopefully M-B USA will jump in and keep things running but I guess we won't know until July 1st.

All they need to do is give some of us spam killing rights. But that seems to be too easy.



Good point, if done right it would be no worse than brushing your teeth. If folks care about their teeth, that is.



Keep reporting spam and web problems. It takes awhile but my problems get resolved. Spam takes a little longer.

Problem is, that reporting only fixes it after emails go out and the site gets full of bogus posts. Many people just quit using sUSAi and block emails to get it out of their hair. Spam prevention is what we need and that cannot be done part time or after the fact. 

Jan, I'm curious what other issues (web problems) have you had with sUSAi? Who fixed them and how did they do it?  

MJB Fuelly

Ah, yes - The events page has not been letting us post pictures to our events. When I report it, it gets fixed. Then if I want to change the picture again, you cannot. When I report it, it gets fixed. It seems to be a very short fix as I have to tell them MY event that I posted.


I see there are other events that do not have pictures. I'm pretty sure there is nothing to click on to add pictures when they posted, too. It has been an ongoing problem for months.

We are in the never never land of the transition, I think.  Haven't heard from the guy at smart USA who is the site admin in awhile, and Rick Bourgois's last day at smart USA was last week.  Hopefully M-B USA will get hold of this site before it's ruined for good.

sUSAi has been in 'Never never Land' for a real long time now. I just sent a message to all the smartUSA folks I could find on the site about the spam. It was last weekend. Only, Rick responded (He said, "we're working on it" nothing else) Then I got a message from 'Rachael', she said "we're looking in to it", and to keep reporting.

Her reply:

From Rachael to spicejax
Sent Jun 13


Thank you for your message regarding spam on insider. We are looking into this now. Please feel free to report any spam you see and we can address it accordingly.


The smart Marketing Team

Here's my reply to her:


Thanks, Rachael for your response.

Did you get a look at my post?

People are reporting the spam. The point here is: The way the spam is being handled as of now is 'reactive' deleting it after the emails go out. There are many smart owners who no longer use sUSAi due to this problem. They are using SCoA instead. If you get the some of the few sUSAi users that are still using the site involved. We can stop the spam BEFORE it gets in and BEFORE emails go out. sUSAi gets about 3 to 5 new users a day. They sign up then fade away (not counting spammers). Those users need a reason to come back, good content and no spam.


I know that you don't have time to watch the site every day. You should consider our help.  


Spam is just one of the problems with sUSAi. It has deteriorated since Ross Karchner stopped working on the site since December 2009.


There are member pages that are wrecked, the former ability to customize the 'my page' with smart skins is gone, the search ability is poor, the main page is stagnant and hardly useful.  

Let's find a way to have a real and meaningful sUSAi users focus group and fix it.

Unless, the choice is to close sUSAi when MBusa takes over. (I hope that doesn't happen)

Thanks, in advance for your help and look forward to your reply. 


ps. Are you with MBusa or smartUSA? I didn't know you were one of the site admins.


Her next reply:

I am with smart USA and assisting with the transition to MBUSA. I will be sure to communicate these issues with MBUSA to ensure they continue addressing spam moving forward.

Thank you.


Nothing more since then


Of, course since then a whole bunch of 'Vickys' have joined sUSAi and spammed up the joint. (lucky I have my comment mod on).


I pray that somebody from MBusa starts listening, because smartUSA never has.



sUSAi - help us get all the spam off here. Too many of us love this web page and would love to help if you need help.

I agree totally. I quit the site for a couple of days cause of the spam.  Hope that someone is on the job and stops it cause I really do like the site.

                                                  Miss Daisy

Barb. we do have a new 'admin' Julia Knittel aka izzysmart. My hope is to have a real 'live' dialogue with her and whoever is working on the sUSAi to prevent spam and stop the foolish way they work spam now (removing it AFTER we report it).


Please join my sUSAi user focus group to help with the process.







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