Greetings Insiders! With the weather warming up, we've noticed quite a few questions surfacing on smart forums about the best practices for polishing body panels. We want your smart to gleam as bright as the summer sun but realize that it might be difficult to figure out how to buff your car without scratching or dulling its surface in the process. For regular, non-matte vehicles, we recommend following these steps. The products referenced in the steps can be purchased at your local Mercedes-Benz center.

1. Wash vehicle with car wash solution and dry with a soft towel (Product Number: BR00.45-Z-1002-04A)
2. Apply fine polishing paste (Product Number: BR00.45-Z-1015-04A) to a lambskin wheel and buff out damage locally. Continue by buffing up any visible polishing marks, gradually working to buff the entire panel.
3. Rub off polishing remains with clean polishing wad moistened with water until the surface is clear. Repeat steps 2-3 with silicone-free polish instead of fine polishing paste. (Product Number: BR00.45-Z-1013-04A)
4. Treat the surface with a gloss preserver (Product Number: BR00.45-Z-1014-04A)

For matte smarts, there are special cleaning instructions that are referenced from our Daimler technical documentation. In order to preserve the luster of the car, perform these steps:

1. Rinse off the car with plenty of clean water.
2. Shake up bottle of matte paint quick care product (Product Number: BR00.45-Z-1078-04A) and spray over a large area. Avoid wiping or polishing the matte paint quick care product as the matte surfaces will otherwise become damaged or shiny.
3. Remove blotches immediately using a microfiber cloth and applying light pressure. Between uses, ensure the quick care product is capped to prevent it from drying out.

Voilà! Your smart never looked so good. Now it’s time to show it off at your neighborhood BBQ or cruise down the beach boulevard! Do you have any pro tips on how you polish your smart? Leave your recommendations in the comments section below!

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Thank you for the information! I love detailing tips! It really helps when detailing my own vehicle. 

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