I made a post awhile back ref. having trouble with my 2009 Smart shifting from 2nd to 1st at low speeds, 5 to 10mph.  I tried to have the issue addressed at the 20K service in San Antonio TX however the tech could not determine what the problem was nor could he duplicate the problem.  (didn't ask me to try)  Contuined to have the problem and wasn't able to get the car in for service untile today at the Chandler AZ Center.  (30K)   The tech here wasn't able to duplicate the problem however asked me to try.  Within a short drive I was able to get the trans to lock up in 2nd. would not downshift into 1st but would upshift fine.  The tech. had me drive back to the service center where he was able to determine that the transmission synchronizers were bad and that he was going to have to replace the transmission.  This should have been found at the 20k service and not at the 30K.  The service manger in Chandler didn't want to call Smart to attempt to have Smart foot the replacement since I have the 60/60 extended warranty.  Now there might be a chance that the warranty adjuster might, for whatever reason attempt to deny the claim. Don't know that for sure yet, will be looked at tomorrow.  I think Smart should be willing to replace the transmission since I addressed the issue at 20K or at least be willing to share in the cost if the warranty folks do cover the repair with no co-pay from me.  This post is just FYI in case anyone else is having a similar problem.  (hard to believe that the price quoted for a new trans. is 4K+.  that's just about a third of what the car cost, lol)

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Chuck. This is the first Syncro failure I have ever heard of in a Smart. In fact, I am dubious of the diagnosis. Did it throw a code?

My thought would be a clutch problem (Very common in our cars).

The "Extended Warranty's" sold by Smart dealers are nothing more than 3rd party service contracts and are full of exclusions.

I would say, continue to go after your dealer and bring Smart USA's new pres into the mix as well. Keep us posted. Good luck. A2Jack.
Just got a call back from the service writer at Chandler Smart. The UAG Warranty Adjuster visited the dealership last night and approved the transmission replacement, however at their option they are only going to replace it with a used unit with 1K on it. Trans. will still be covered by the xtnd warranty I'm told. The service writer did mention that the problem possibly was a clutch problem and in that case the xtnd'd warranty would not cover a repair (normal wear and tear was the phrase used) . Will be addressing this with Smart on the basis that if San Antonio would have checked deeper I might have had the Trans replaced with a new one instead of used. Will post updates. Thanks for you input A2Jack

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