Are you ready for some limited editions?! We're unveiling two limited edition smarts and the first one is the citybeam. The citybeam is decked out with a silver tridion cell, 'crystal grey' stitching on the steering wheel, and sleek silver 15” BRABUS Monoblock VII wheels. The special 'light blue metallic' body panels are complemented with an interior that features black leather optic upholstery and 'crystal grey' inlays with matching contrast stitching.

For smarties interested in the citybeam's product codes, check out the list below:
EAA light blue metallic body panels
EN2 silver tridion safety cell
R61 silver BRABUS Monoblock VII wheels (15”)
I75 3-spoke steering wheel with crystal grey stitching
IBJ black leather optic upholstery with inlays in ‘crystal grey’ and matching ‘crystal grey’ contrast stitching
I25 edition floor mats
240 LED daytime running lamps
V26 electric power steering
S17 heated seats

A total of 125 coupes and 25 cabriolets are coming mid-May to the US. If you’re interested, contact your local smart center:

[Below are the European images. The wheels on the U.S. version will be the R61 silver BRABUS Monoblock VII wheels mentioned above]

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Why the heck does the US never get the good stuff for the smart?

I so want those 3 spoke rims. Never even seen any rims like those before, they are completely awesome and unique and i will pay money in hand for them right now! 

If there is any way that i could possibly go about getting them here in the US let me know, seriously. I just threw my money at the screen but the rims didnt appear in front of me.

Very pretty color. I like the wheels.

The "special edition" you might sell me is a left-hand-drive Smart fortwo DIESEL with the new 800cc engine....sold across Europe.

We want the car for ECONOMY, not a hot rod.  We want it to cost no more than a Yaris or a little Nissan to fix with a similar high mileage, long warranty because you are very proud of your trouble-free product, so proud you're willing to back up your proud by sticking Daimler's neck out just a tiny bit with a 100K, 10 year warranty like Japanese and Korean car companies do...bumper to bumper, without having to go to lawyers to get results.  We want our car company to admit its mistakes and misdeeds and quickly RECALL any and all recurrent problems, not tell us we're the only one with this problem you never heard of before, like crazing tops, gearshift screwups, buggy software.  We want you to admit the software has a bug and FIX IT FOR FREE, FOREVER, not charge us $60-$150 just to upload corrected code to its little computer, something Microsoft seems to be able to do, continuously, for years, at no cost to even second hand customers.

That's what "special edition" we want.....not some stupid kiddie car graphics on the same old problems.

I like the way you think........

Veganman said:

No support from Smart, Penske, or MB like Larry said, on parts and issues that should have been recalled. ( Anyone else got a crazed roof or a leaking wiper fluid tank? The fluid tank is a $600 fix, btw.)
Larry replies:
Only $600 for a plastic tank made of the same material as a $4 gallon of milk?  PRAY your fuel pump doesn't fail.  My bill was $1086 which I only got HALF of it back when I proved their diagnosis was all wrong and I demanded my good pump be put back on the car.  They still made $500 off me for fixing a factory defect shorted fuel pump power wire.
Sell me another Smart?  Afraid NOT.  I've driven Mercedes Benz products since the 200D I sold to my boss ran over 40 years.  If I travel, I travel in an '83 300TD, 5 cyl turbodiesel wagon, a nearly indestructable Mercedes automobile with over 600K miles across 3 odometers.  The gearshift knob on its automatic transmission WORE OUT, but its transmission/engine has never been apart, except for maintenance.
I call it the Chrysler Effect.  As soon as Chrysler got involved, all the parts got cheap, like Mopar.  My heater fan failed at 15K.  The '83 heater fan runs faultlessly, continuously.  Odd, it's also made by Behr in Germany, just like the Smart's.  What happened to Daimler QUALITY.  This isn't a cheap car.  The motor is $500 at my stealer.  No more Smarts here....thanks.

Good questions all.  Why doesn't MB has a good warranty?  Why don't dealers return calls? I see a lot of one owner Smart people; no pun intended.  Sad really, it could be a really cool car.  And it could be marketed so much better.  Maybe because it's made in France?  I love driving my car, but I think it was over priced.  All options should be standard.  I'm paying nearly 20K for a Smart when I could get a Honda, Hyundai, or Kia for same price with much nicer ride for 4 people.  Get with it Smart.  I've only had it a year but am already thinking I may not keep it at end of lease.  Just doesn't seem like a good way to run a company to me.  Maybe Smart Dealer shouldn't be part of MB dealership.  Separate them out and market to folks.  Although I have to say most people I see driving Smarts are middle aged.  Much safer than my 65 VW to be sure, but not sure it's as much "fun".  Certainly is expensive to repair or add parts to.  Can someone tell me why MB changes $120 at time of order to add the extra gauges but if you want them later it's nearly $400?  That is the kind of disparity that drives me crazy about this car.  It could be awesome if they would listen to their customer base. 

Wow, where to begin?  Four year/50K miles warranty - sound familiar?  It should, it's the same as the"big" Mercedes cars. If that's a "bad" warranty maybe you need to look at Hyundai or Kia offerings. If you're leasing the car, it may have been priced at $20K (did you see the window sticker?) but that's not what you're paying. Don't like the car - walk away at the end of the lease, problem solved. smart USA started off not being part of Mercedes-Benz USA and people complained about that; now you're unhappy it's part of M-B - guess you can't please everyone.  Check out Chevy, BMW, Toyota, etc. prices for items that could be on the car when it's built, vs. added later - I think you'll find it's more expensive to do it that way no matter what the brand.  In the end, the smart is not a car for everyone - which is a good thing, IMHO.

Fresh off the production line! Here is a sneak peek at the new citybeam getting ready to make its way to some special smart centers.

What about the BO Concept?

I think that if you want a Bo Concept, you will have to find a used one. Ask your smart Center to see if they can locate one for you. You never know what another smart Center will still have in inventory.

Louis O. Dewhurst said:

What about the BO Concept?

. Smart center boston has a BoConcept cabriolet available with navigation. Tell them smart car Dan sent you!

I agree 1000% with Brandon !!! I've got quite a few of, as I call em, my Germans on my face book page and they have the neatest swag and fitments for their cars including the TURBO BRABUS !!! I'd LOVE to have a turbo in my Brabus.  Also have a kiddo from Indiana who wants a For-Four so bad he can taste it. Why can't we have em here as well on this side of the pond. Even the Euro swag is a bazillion % better then here. Lots of smart branded "stuff". Boggles my mind. And I'm a rather chunky monkey we need real size tee shirts and other things. I'm sorry but I will NEVER fit in a large. Maybe my left boob but that's about it. I know us smarties would dig up on lots of the swag out there if it were here.

How can we get it over here on this side of the pond ?

But hey, that's me.

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