Are you ready for some limited editions?! We're unveiling two limited edition smarts and the first one is the citybeam. The citybeam is decked out with a silver tridion cell, 'crystal grey' stitching on the steering wheel, and sleek silver 15” BRABUS Monoblock VII wheels. The special 'light blue metallic' body panels are complemented with an interior that features black leather optic upholstery and 'crystal grey' inlays with matching contrast stitching.

For smarties interested in the citybeam's product codes, check out the list below:
EAA light blue metallic body panels
EN2 silver tridion safety cell
R61 silver BRABUS Monoblock VII wheels (15”)
I75 3-spoke steering wheel with crystal grey stitching
IBJ black leather optic upholstery with inlays in ‘crystal grey’ and matching ‘crystal grey’ contrast stitching
I25 edition floor mats
240 LED daytime running lamps
V26 electric power steering
S17 heated seats

A total of 125 coupes and 25 cabriolets are coming mid-May to the US. If you’re interested, contact your local smart center:

[Below are the European images. The wheels on the U.S. version will be the R61 silver BRABUS Monoblock VII wheels mentioned above]

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Took us years to get Mid-America (plastic chevy) as well as Ecklers to carry something larger than an XL and you are so right about going to the owners and then go to a Harley store. We had the gray smart tee shirts. Was like old English torture putting em on a rack to stretch em to fit us and then within an hour they were back to original size. And Cafe Press website is marketed to the Donald Trumps among us. Sorry but ain't no tee shirt worth $25-35.00. For lots less money I can go to a local flea market, pick up a polo shirt and have my car  and my name embroidered on it for about $20 from the same vendor.

I live in hopes that someday we will have a catalog full of smart stuff other than the west coast vendor who is flat out nuts on their prices (my bumper spikes were $30 for 2 off e-bay, they want $149 for the same ones) (and those aren't gold plated or blessed by the pope.) ;)

Have an amazing day George !!

George Oller said:

I agree completely!!  The few bits of swag we can buy stateside is over priced and under sized.  If smart would like to get an idea how to market smart related items to owners, go visit any Harley-Davidson store.  Those people know how to merchandise to the faithful.

are the front and rear rims the same size now?

Yes, the C453's front and back wheels will be slightly different sizes, similar to our current model. 

those wheels are cool

Does anybody know how on earth I could get another one of these emblems?   Mine is missing on my city beam on the drivers side by the antenna.    Anybody?

Many graphic shops or print shops have a machine that can make up these emblems. Have you tried to order one through your smart Center's parts dept.? Bring your VIN # with you to the parts counter.

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