Hi, Everybody:  My dashboard warning light for ABS is now coming on.  I also notice that when it does, my aftermarket MDC cruise control no longer works.   Anybody have any ideas?  Do you think disconnecting the battery for a minute would fix it?  (2008 Smart with 31K miles.)  You can also email me if you wish at Shellcaptain@sbcglobal.net.  Thanks if you can help.  Bill in K.C.

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Check your battery charge and work from there.

Thanks, Kamaal:  According to my Scan Gauge II, the battery is just fine, reading at around 14 volts.  Bill in K.C.

Thank you, putt putt--I don't know what I was thinking.  I was probably reading the alternator outputput with the  engine running.  I'll try again tomorrow.  Bill in K.C.

Did you get your smart up and running again?

Kamaal:  I see that I never answered "putt putt".  The battery voltage with the engine off was right at 12 volts, as I remember, or right where it should be.  I took it to the dealer and said they would have to order and replace the left rear speed sensor, as it was defective.  They must have unhooked the battery and turned off the computer, or something, because after I left the dealer, the problem disappeared, and that was one or two weeks ago.  The problem has never happened since.  What is the point in going back to the dealer?   And they still haven't called to tell me the part was in.  The cost was going to be $277 parts and labor.  So, whatdaya think?

Maybe you hit a really bad pothole or something. It could have triggered a fault code your dealer cleared for you to see if it would come back. Usually those pothole codes don't stick, so you might want to call your service advisor to ask what was discovered.
Your car is likely fine, bad pothole/vibration triggered code. Once cleared I wouldn't worry until it comes back.

Kamaal:  As I said, they did find something wrong:  the left rear speed sensor.  They had to order the part, they said they would call me when it came in.  They haven't called, yet, but why go back when the problem has disappeared.  What I don't understand is that I ran the ScanGauge II for trouble codes, and nothing came up.  Bill in K.C.

There are codes that will not come up on the scangaugeII, mostly ABS, SRS, and Trans codes. you need a different scanner for those. 

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