We decided the smart needed a new set of wheels.

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Yikes!!!!  looks like the fenders and rear quarters would be ripped to pieces!!!!  Haha.  My son and I just saw a video of a monster smart on youtube.  That was pretty cool....

(Please forgive me for asking this in the middle of your thread, but your title seems to fit my question.)

I went to a smart center yesterday to see if they might have anything I would be interested in buying.

I noticed one with what I believe to be the "6-spoke alloy wheels" with 165/60 R15 tires up front.  This is confirmed by the www.smartusa.com website configurator, although the copy of the "Initial Assortment List smart (C451 - 2013) / smart (A451 - 2013)" says they are for 175/55 R15 tires in the front.

The 3-Spoke alloy wheels, with the 175/55 R15 tires on the website configurator, I saw at another dealer.  These 3-Spoke wheels are not on the "Initial Assortment List", and are not available separately from the "Style Package" through the configurator at the dealership, even though they are available separately on the smart website configurator.

I hence ended up trying for the 3-double-spoke aluminum wheels, available to order through the dealer with the car.  I was wondering if anyone got these with their smart when they purchased the car, and what size tires do they come with up front?  (I'm guessing it's either going to be 165/60 R15 or 175/55 R15, and I'm hoping for the latter.)

Thanks, and take care.

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